Wolfram Alpha – A Must Have Android App for Students

Suppose you are making a presentation and want some statistical data or you are solving a mathematical problem and get stuck at some integration or you are learning a guitar and want to know some chords ans scales, don’t worry, Wolfram Alpha will help you.

Wolfram Alpha is a very useful app. Across thousands of domains, with more continuously added,it provides you a vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate report for you. This app is very useful in our day to day work. It is useful for everybody, from a school student to PhD student. All the important information, statistical data of all the study fields can be obtained from this app.

You are making a project and want some information about materials, it will provide you. Want weather reports of last few days, months, it will provide you. If you are solving a problem and got stuck at some integration, Laplace transform, etc, just give your problem to Wolfram Alpha, it will provide you step by step solution of your problem. Your are learning a language, it will provide you avast collection of words, phrases, etc. Just explore the app, it can help you in a lot of ways.

You can use this app for –

  • Mathematics – In this domain, you can get information about geometry, trigonometry, discrete maths, calculus, algebra, logic functions. You can also get step-by-step solutions of the problems. If it can’t provide you step-by-step solution, at least, it gives you final solution.
  • Statistics and Data Analysis – You can get descriptive statistics, regression, probability, etc.
  • Physics – You can get information about mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, relativity, nuclear physics, quantum physics, etc.
  • Chemistry – Compounds, elements, ions, periodic table, reactions, chemical thermodynamics, etc.
  • Astronomy – You can get star charts, astronomical events, information about starts, moon, planets, space weather, galaxies, comets and many more.
  • Earth Science – Geology, earthquakes, tide data, atmosphere, geochronology, etc.
  • Computational Sciences – You can get information about image processing, mathematica, fractals, algebraic codes, etc.
  • Engineering – In this domain you can get a information about lots of topics such as acoustics, aeronautics, fluid mechanics, steam tables, structures, etc.
  • Units and Measurement – Conversions, comparisons, batteries, dimensional analysis, industrial measures, etc.
  • Web – Here you will get information about topics such as data transfer, hacking, IP look up, Unicode look up, etc.
  • Weather – You can get information about current and historical weather, wind chill, hurricanes, clouds, etc.
  • Places and Geography – Maps, places, navigation, distances, geomagnetism, projections, counties, cities, elevation data, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.
  • Music – You will get information not only about music instruments and songs, but also about musical notes, scales, chords,etc.
  • Words and Linguistics – It provides you dictionary, word puzzles, word properties, anagrams, phrases, etc.
  • Culture and Media – Books, movies, periodicals, fictional characters, video games, awards, TV networks, etc.
  • Technical World – It provides you information about communications, satellites, space probes, photography, bar-codes, etc.

Here, I am posting some screenshots of the app.

Wolfram Alpha 1Wolfram Alpha 2

You can download it directly from Google Play Store. I personally recommend this app to all the Android users. It is really a useful app. Just give it a try and explore it, you will find it’s many applications for your office work, educational work, project work, technical information, general knowledge and many more. I recommend you to buy this app, because they deserve it.

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