WhatsApp Messenger (Review) – Android Legend App of the Day

Sending SMS or MMS is great..! But sometimes you want something more interesting, entertaining and mainly more immediate messaging and most importantly you dont want to run up charges for Messaging, especially if you are on roaming.

Here we bring a review of ‘WhatsApp‘ for you, a smartphone messenger for sending instant messages to your contacts.

It is interesting app since it is available not only for Android but even for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows phone and Nokia phones. This means that you can contact from your Android phone to any person/persons in the world who is/are using WhatsApp on these devices.

This makes it a great app as you can chat with different people having different types of Mobiles. Besides sending or receiving messages WhatsApp makes it possible to share pictures, Audio notes, and video messages. You can even enjoy group chat or group conversations with your contacts. Once you and your friend download this app, you can send unlimited no.of messages and chat for free without paying any carrier charges. This is the best app in order to avoid international SMS costing. Just like SMS WhatsApp works with your phone number and hence you can get rid of those username & passwords.

After downloading the app firstly you have to register your phone number. As soon as you register your phone number you will automatically see the contacts having WhatsApp installed on their devices. Its all fun because you are able to get started without messing around.

WhatsApp uses Wi-Fi or mobile data connection for sending messages. Everything works smoothly and sending and receiving messages is done in a pinch of seconds. Hence the sending process is fast enough to have a coherent conversation.

Unlike other messengers, you can send audio clips, photos (direct capture or from gallery), handwriting texts, doodles, vast variety of emotions etc. by which youll forget native Android messaging app or any other messenger available on Google Play Store.

WhatsApp doesn’t use extra battery compared to any other application of the phone. Also the notification structure works tremendously well.

If you are interested in messaging, chatting or would like to stay connected with your friends then WhatsApp is well worth for you..!

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