Use your Phone without Touching it – Google is working on new feature

Google has developed many software for Android Operating System which makes the Android better and better everyday. There productivity software such as Google Now, Gmail, Google Keep, Google Play Services, Google Voice Search etc. help users in various ways. Nowadays, Google is developing a software which will allow you to use your phone without touching it, according to Android Police.

Now, it is quite obvious, you will think that Google Voice Search also allows users for hands-free use of phone. Also, there are many software such as EVA, Assistant etc. on the Playstore which fulfills the similar purpose. But, Google is developing a software which will be having many more new features, so that you can totally use your phone, anytime, with your voice commands.

The initiative has been taken so that the users can use phone safely while driving or while doing any work when they can’t handle their phones. This feature is actually the improvisation of the voice search functionality. The feature will be accessible by a voice command from anywhere, even if you are using an app or the phone is locked. A specific voice command will launch this feature. This command will work even if the phone is switched off and charging.

Google may introduce a new mode which will use this feature to perform simple tasks and searches without grabbing the phone. When this mode is enabled, Google will speak the searches aloud and will give more description about the searches than it gives today. For example, for weather updates, it reads only weather forecast, but the new feature will read the whole card for you. That is, you will be getting more information, so that you can select the correct alternative from the searches without looking at them.

If your question is such that the mode can’t give it’s perfect answer or searches, i.e. if the result is such that you should give a look at it, the feature will suggest you to save the results to use them later or to exit the mode if it is safe. In some instances, the mode will take initiative to complete the task. Android Police didn’t told that it will be done automatically or user will be prompted for the action. For example, it will send the text message if you don’t hit the send button in a specific time. But I think that user will be prompted for such actions.

This feature is being referred to as KITT. Android Police has given some screenshots of the mode from which we come to know that the interface is like voice search only. It is quite minimalistic and sleek. These screenshots are not leaked form Google, but they are just design mockups make by Android Police.


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This is all we know about the upcoming feature. Google is always trying to make the Android OS better. This feature will be definitely helpful to the users.

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