Upgrade HTC One X+ to Android 4.2.1 with AOKP Custom ROM

An upgrade version of HTC One X i.e,HTC One X+ has been showered by many custom ROMs before. And now AOKP, the famous custom ROM has been ported to this device. All thanks goes to XDA Senior Member maxwen for compiling the AOKP sources for One X+.

AOKP is AOSP based custom ROM that provides you the latest updates & upgrades for your device. This build (compiled by maxwen) is completely based on Android 4.2 (which is a new flavor of Jelly Bean). But this doesn’t make AOKP a famous ROM. What makes it famous is its Customization ability. That is AOKP adds their own customization panel with which you can modify each & every aspect of your phone.

As reported on the ROM development page, there are some issues in this ROM like Google search doesn’t come with upgraded version (you can update it from Play store later on) & some sort of audio issue. These issues will definitely get fixed in the future updates. But still if you feel that you’re not comfortable with this condition, you should better use your device as it is.

In further part we will discuss about the procedure required for you to upgrade your HTC One X+ to Android 4.2.1 via AOKP custom ROM.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for advanced users. If you are a beginner, follow each & every step carefully at your own risk. Performing this procedure may harm your device. Neither we nor developer will be held guilty for any damage caused to your device while attempting these steps.


Steps involved in this article are intended only for HTC One X+ (International variant). Trying this on US variants of One X+ (plus) or on any other device may result in hardware failure of the device.


  • Your phone must be charged at least up to 70% battery level.
  • USB debugging mode must be enabled.
  • It is highly recommended to take a backup of all important data like SMS/MMS, APN, contacts etc. since it can be restored back if anything goes wrong during the installation.
  • Unlocked Bootloader is required for flashing AOKP Custom ROM.
  • Custom Recovery like CWM (Clockwork Mod Recovery) or TWRP must be installed on your phone.

Procedure to Flash Android 4.2.1 AOKP Custom ROM on HTC One X+:

  • Download Google Apps (Gmail, Maps, GTalk, Play Store etc.) from the link given below.
  1. Download Google Apps
  • Now connect your phone to Computer and select mass storage mode to transfer downloaded files to internal memory.
  • To boot up the ROM properly, it is required for you to flash kernel (boot.img) file before installing the ROM. To do the same, switch off your phone. Press and hold Power + Volume Down buttons to enter into bootloader mode first.
  • There you highlight “fastboot” and press power button to get into it.
  • Connect your phone to computer using USB cable.
  • After connecting a phone to PC, phone drivers will get installed automatically. Now you are ready to flash kernel.
  • If your phone remain undetected, install HTC Sync Manager from the CD you got at the time of purchase. It will install the drivers automatically.
  • Now download fastboot files from here and extract them in a folder.

  • Copy the kernel image (.img file) to folder in which you have kept your fastboot files.
  • In the same folder, right click while holding shift button and select Open command window here.
  • A command window will appear on your screen. In command window type fastboot flash boot boot.img and press enter.
  • On your screen you will get message OKAY/Finished. This indicates that you have successfully flashed the kernel. Now you can disconnect your phone from computer.
  • On phone, while keeping it in fastboot mode, select recovery option to boot into a Custom recovery. If you don’t have touch type recovery, touch wont work and therefore in that case you have to use Volume up / Volume down buttons to highlight a particular option and power button to select the highlighted option
  • Now make a nandroid backup of your current ROM so that it can be restored back in case of failure. To do so, Highlight backup and restore option in the recovery menu, select it & then choose backup to start the backup process.
  • Select wipe data/factory reset & then wipe cache partition to wipe the data & caches respectively from the internal memory. (Caution! Before performing this step ensure that youve taken backup of all these things before as it will erase all the data from internal memory, which includes sms/mms, contacts, reminders, APNs, call logs, apps etc.).
  • Now select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. Then navigate to ROM package and select it. Confirm installation by pressing on Yes.
  • Once you finished ROM installation, again select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard & this time browse for Google apps package file (gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip). Press on Yes to install confirm Google Apps installation.
  • After Google Apps are installed select reboot system now to boot into all new Android 4.2 homescreen.

Tip: If you don’t like this ROM and want to restore back your previous ROM then you do this by using CMW’s restore feature. To restore the previous ROM, boot into the recovery mode, selectBackup and Restoreoption & on next screen, selectrestore.Now choose the backup you like to restore (or the restore the backup you’ve made before flashing this ROM).

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed Android 4.2.1 in the form of AOKP Custom ROM on your HTC One X+. Keep visiting ROM development page for latest updates & bug fixes. Do report us how it is working for you through comments. And if you’ve got any problem while applying these steps, let us know, we’ll try our best to sort it out. Enjoy..

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