Upgrade HTC Explorer A310E to Jelly Bean via Cyanogenmod 10

As per their tagline HTC devices are quietly brilliant. Recently with release of many high end devices HTC has really impressed whole Android world. Along with their great success in high end devices, HTC has never neglected low end devices. They have always tried to come up with the product which is suitable for community who prefers low budget smartphones.

As an outcome of this HTC released their low end model HTC Explorer back in 2011. Being a low end device its specifications may not be that high but it has got amazing HTC hardware and world famous HTC sense UI. This is best low budget Android smartphone in the market compared to other devices like Samsung Galaxy Y, Galaxy Mini etc.

Unfortunately, HTC is not going to provide any update above Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) but Explorer is very popular between developers communities. So you dont have to worry about further updates. Custom ROMs are always there to serve you. And now Cyanogenmod 10 is available for this device which is based on Google’s latest Android 4.1.

So all the latest Jelly Bean features like Buttery smooth interface (called project butter), Google Now, actionable notifications are within your budget. Along with these features you get additional features and performance improvements of Cyanogenmod. Only thing you must remember is that the ROM is in development stage so some bugs may be there. You have to wait for fixes. Following article explains how to install Cyanogenmod 10 on HTC Explorer:

Disclaimer: Risk is involved in the article written ahead and it can also cause damage to your mobile. It is recommended that you should not follow it if you are newbie in this Android world. Read article completely and implement all the steps at your own risk. If any damage is happened to your mobile after inculcating these steps, we will not be responsible for that.

CM 10 for HTC Explorer


This procedure to install Cyanogenmod 10 is strictly applicable for HTC Explorer only bearing model number A310E. Dont try to flash it on any other mobile or variant otherwise permanent damage might be caused.


  • Dont forget to charge our mobile at least up to 70% so that installation will proceed uninterruptedly.
  • Since all the data on mobile gets wiped during the process, it is better to take a backup of important data like SMS, MMS, APN, contacts etc. to the external memory. Following links will guide you with backing up your device completely.
  1. How to Backup Call logs, APNs and EFS folder from your Android Device.
  2. How to Backup Android Contacts and Text Messages (SMS / MMS).
  3. How to Backup whole ROM / Firomware via Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery
  • Make sure that you have already installed custom recovery like Clockworkmod recovery or TWRP recovery on mobile. Without this recovery you cannot flash ROM on the mobile.
  • Here is the procedure to install TWRP recovery on HTC Explorer.

Procedure to flash Cyanogenmod 10 based on 4.1 Jelly Bean on HTC Explorer:

  • Download zip file of ROM from the source page. Also download kernel image from the same.
  • Since Google Apps are not pre-installed in the ROM, you have to separately download and flash them.
  1. Download Google Apps
  • Connect your mobile to computer through USB cable. Ensure that you have enabled USB debugging on. Copy both files to the external memory. Dont extract them.
  • Disconnect mobile from PC and Turn it off by long pressing power button.
  • Enter into the bootloader mode. To enter into bootloader mode, HoldVolume Down + Power Buttonsimultaneously until bootloader mode appears.
  • In bootloader mode, highlight recovery by using Volume Keys & Enter into the recovery by usingPower Key. Youll be landed into customRecovery.
  • Take a nandroid backup of current system. You might need it if something goes wrong. For that select backup & restore and then backup. This backup will be saved in external memory (This step is not mandatory.)
  • Now wipe data/factory reset and then wipe cache partition to wipe all the data and caches respectively on the phone.
  • Next step is flashing of ROM. To do so select install zip from sdcard and then choose zip from sdcard. Chose Cyanogenmod 10 file for installation.
  • This will take few minutes for installation.
  • Repeat the step of install zip from sdcard and chose zip from sdcard. But this time chose Gapps Package.
  • After successful flashing of both the files, select +++++Go back+++++ and then reboot system now. First start may take some more time than your usual restart.

There you go!! You have successfully installed Cyanogenmod 10 on your HTC Explorer. Now you can enjoy all the latest features of Jelly Bean. Dont forget to share your views about the ROM through comments. Feel free to ask your doubts about the process. We are glad to help you out.

Tip: If you dont like this ROM or you are not comfortable with this ROM, you can easily return back to the previous ROM just by entering into the recovery mode. Then select backup & restore option followed by restore & chose your latest backup to restore.

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