Update Sony Xperia S LT26i to Android 4.1.2 Official Firmware [6.2.B.0.200]

After the successful launch of Xperia Z, Sony has finally started rolling out Jelly Bean update for their previous flagship device Xperia S LT26i. This update has build number 6.2.B.0.400. Being a Jelly Bean update, it is way smoother than the ICS update (thanks to project butter). Its has new homescreen with 7 panes. Sony has removed the Stamina mode, only Extended Battery mode available. This update includes new media apps of Walkman, movies, album, radio etc. Camera seems to be working faster. Also, no RAM change is found in this update i.e, RAM remains 685 MB only (which is same as GB & ICS).

Till now, we discussed about pros of Android 4.1.2 firmware. Now, lets discuss some cons of the same. First of all, video recording in 1080p is lagging very badly. The video capturing frame is not steady at all. Secondly, battery drains very fast irrespective of the network mode you use. And as reported by some of Xperia S users, this firmware has some connectivity issues i.e, mobile data / Wi-Fi doesn’t work sometime.

That’s all with this firmware. But still I would recommend you to try out this firmware. Lets checkout how you can upgrade your Xperia S LT26i to Official Android 4.1.2 JB firmware (6.2.B.0.200).

Disclaimer : Steps given in this article are risky & can cause damage to your device. You should not try to attempt these things if you are unaware of it. Please follow this guide completely at your own risk. We won’t be held responsible if you damage your device while following this guide.

Xperia S LT26i Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200

This guide is meant only for Sony Xperia S having model number LT26i . Dont try to implement it on any other Xperia device else it can damage your device.


  • Charge your phone at least up to 70% so that flashing process wont get interrupted.
  • Temporarily disable any Anti-virus solution installed on your computer.
  • It is highly recommended to backup all your data from internal memory (includes contacts, messages (SMS/MMS), call logs, Internet APNs etc.). Your phone data will get lost after installation of this firmware (excluding External storage).

Procedure to Upgrade Sony Xperia S LT26i to Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware (6.2.B.0.200):


  1. Download Xperia Flashtool (required for flashing the firmware)
  1. Xperia S Jelly Bean ftf file (6.2.B.0.200 aka JB firmware)


  • Install Flashtool that you’ve just downloaded in your computer. For the sake of convenience, install it in root directory of C: drive.
  • Navigate to C: –> Flashtool –> Firmwares and delete all the data from this folder (if present).
  • Now move that .ftf file in the above mentioned directory.
  • Open Xperia Flashtool. Select Flash option (Black Bolt icon) from the top left corner of the tool (Refer to image given below).
  • It will ask you to select either Flashmode or Fastboot mode. Select Flashmode & proceed further by hitting OK button.

Flashtool Flashmode

  • On next screen, Firmware selection window will appear. On left side, select LT26i (version 6.2.B.0.200).
  • In right side of the tool, tick following 4 options (Caution! Dont tick any other option than 4 mentioned below).
  1. Wipe data.
  2. Wipe cache.
  3. Wipe apps log.
  4. No final verification.

Flashtool Flashmode Options

  • Press OK. Wait for Flashtool to prepare firmware installation.
  • Now, it will ask you to connect your phone. Before you connect your phone to computer, enter into Flashmode on it. To do so, switch off the phone completely. By holding Volume down key, connect it to PC. If done correctly, you should see a green/blue light on the power.
  • After establishing proper connection with the computer, flashing process will start automatically. Firmware installation process may get stuck around 93%, which is normal. It stays there for 20-30 seconds and not more than that.
  • Once you get Flashing finished message in Flashtool, remove your phone from PC & wait for it to reboot (It may take more time than usual for booting the device. This is for the first time only. So don’t get panic & be patient).

Whoa! You have successfully upgraded your Xperia S LT26i to Android 4.1.2 JB 6.2.B.0.200 firmware. If you need any help, drop us comment below & we’ll reply you as quick as possible. And lastly, don’t forget to inform us that how the firmware is working for you. Enjoy…

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