Update Samsung Galxy Tab 2 7.0 with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean via AOKP build 5

Recently Google released update of Jelly Bean viz. Android 4.1.2. Few days later AOKP released AOKP build 5 based on this Android 4.1.2. And the good news is that it is available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

Galaxy Tab 2 is getting popular amongst the people, though it is bit expensive, because of its superior performance over the other tablets. And with the AOKP build 5, you can make it unique amongst the others.

Lets have a look at some specifications of Android 4.1.2 AOKP build 5 :

  • Custom NavBar for Tablets
  • NavBar widgets are back from ICS
  • Highly customizable Lockscreen Ring targets, with a shiny new editor in ROMControl! (also thanks to CM for the base of the framework part)
  • Alternate default app picker (like in GB)
  • Menu UI Overflow Toggle
  • Option to disable vibration for Notification expansion
  • RAM Bar in the Recents panel
  • Timeout and instant lock options for Slide lock
  • Tons of beautiful new icons by Kwes
  • VPN Traffic amount in human readable format

Further reading of article will help you to install Android 4.1.2 AOKP build 5 on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

Disclaimer: The steps mentioned in given tutorial are considered as risky and may cause damage to your device. It is recommended that you should not follow these steps if you are not aware of all these things. Read the article at your own risk. We or developers are not responsible for any damage caused to your mobile after attempting these steps.

AOKP build 5 on Samsun Galaxy Tab 2

The given article is strictly intended for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 model number P3110. Implementing it for any other tablet or variant might give you undesired outcomes.


  • It is recommended that you should charge your tablet up to 70% so that installation will proceed without any interruption.
  • During installation of custom ROM all memory gets wiped. So it is better to take a backup of all important personal data like SMS, MMS, APN, contacts etc. to the external microSD card.
  • Most important thing you must have installed clockworkmod recovery on your tablet. Without it you can’t flash custom ROM on your tab. Click here to install it.

Procedure to Install Android 4.1.2 AOKP build Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0:

  • First download AOKP build Jelly Bean for Galaxy tab 2 7.0.
  1. (Click here to download.)
  • Also download GApps package for your Tablet.
  1. (Click here to download.)
  • If you have downloaded these things on your tablet, then save them to the external memory. Else connect your tab to PC via USB cable, make USB tethering on and save these file to the external memory.
  • Now switch off your tablet. You need to boot your device into recovery mode for installation of ROM. For that press & hold volume up + power key until you boot into this recovery. (You can release power button after Samsung logo appears but keep holding volume up until recovery mode shows up).
  • Now we have to take a nandroid backup of current system. For doing this, select backup & restore option from recovery menu followed by backup on next screen. This nandroid backup gets saved in the external memory of your mobile.
  • You will return back to recovery menu. Now select wipe data/factory reset followed by wipe cache partition to wipe all the data & caches respectively from the phone memory.
  • You will see recovery menu again. Select install zip from sdcard and then choose zip from sdcard. Navigate to the Android 4.1.2 ROM zip file by using volume keys. Confirm installation by selecting yes in next step.
  • After successful flashing of ROM, again select install zip form sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. This time select Gapps file for installation. Confirm installation by pressing yes in next step.
  • After successful flashing of both files select +++++go back+++++ and then reboot system now.

Well done! Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is now running on Android 4.1.2 AOKP build 5. Do let us know how it is working. You can share your views about it.

Tip: If you dont like this ROM or you are not comfortable with this ROM, you can easily return back to the previous ROM just by entering into the recovery mode. Then select backup & restore option followed by restore & chose your latest backup to restore.

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