Update Samsung Galaxy S Advance with Android 4.1.2 DDULP8 Jelly Bean firmware

Samsung Galaxy S Advance which used to run Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread, has upgraded to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Its first official Jelly Bean firmware was released in this January for the Russia. But it wasn’t as smooth as expected. Also this update was not available through kies for the users in the other countries.

But since the release of Galaxy S4, Samsung is giving this update in other counties also. As a result DDULP8 Jelly Bean firmware for S Advance is now available in India. Of course the users from other countries can also upgrade their mobile with this firmware.

Features like Google Now, Butterlike smooth interface, actionable notifications and many more are present in it. Moreover it has latest Touch-wiz nature UI which is much better than the previous one. This firmware is not as laggy as the previous one. It the most stable Jelly Bean firmware for S Advance.

Follow few simple steps written ahead to install Android 4.1.2 Official DDULP8 Jelly Bean firmware on Samsung Galaxy S Advance.

Disclaimer: The steps mentioned in the further article are considered as risky and can cause damage to your mobile. It is requested that you should not go for it if you are unaware of all these things. Read article completely before executing the steps. We are not responsible for any damage cause to your mobile after implementing these steps.

Android 4.1.2 JB for S advance

This official Jelly Bean update is strictly meant for Samsung Galaxy S Advance with model number I9070. Dont try to flash it on I9070P or any other device. Else your mobile may get bricked permanently.


  • Ensure that your phone is sufficiently charged (at least 70%) so that installation will get interrupted.
  • Dont forget to take a backup of all your personal important data like SMS, MMS, APN, contacts etc. to the external memory card since all the data gets wiped during the flashing of firmware.
  • Disable windows firewall or all other antivirus softwares on your computer temporary.

Procedure to flash Android 4.1.2 DDPUL8 official Jelly Bean firmware on Samsung Galaxy S Advance:

  • First download Android 4.1.2 DDPUL8 Jelly Bean firmware for S Advance.
  1. Click here to download.
  • For flashing this firmware you will need a tool called Odin. This a tool made by Samsung which is used for flashing firmwares on Samsung mobiles. Download and install Odin v3.07 (or Odin v1.85) on your computer.
  1. Click here to download.
  • Now switch off your mobile and boot it into downloading mode (also called as Odin mode). For that press & hold volume down + power button + home button simultaneously until you see downloading message on the screen. (You can release the power button after mobile vibrates but keep pressing other two buttons.)
  • Connect mobile to computer through USB cable.
  • By that time launch Odin software on which you have installed earlier. After proper connection of mobile to computer, you will see that one of the ID: COM box turns blue. At the same time Added!! message will appear in Odins message box. If you dont get such a message make sure that you have installed mobile drivers.
  • Then click PDA button and selectI9070DDULP8_I9070ODDULP8_HOME.tar.md5 file. Ensure that Auto-Reboot and F.Resest Time is checked.
  • Dont click anywhere else in the Odin.
  • After doing everything properly, press Start button to flash the firmware in mobile. It will take 5-10 minutes for flashing the firmware on mobile. In this course dont remove USB cable from the phone. And finally your phone will get rebooted automatically showing pass message in message box.
  • However if you mobile get stuck or you get a fail message then exit the Odin, disconnect mobile from computer, remove battery and re-insert it and follow the above procedure again.
  • Wait the procedure is not over. Switch off your mobile either by power button or removing the battery. Boot into recovery mode by pressing volume up + home button + power button simultaneously.
  • You will land into recovery mode. (Note: Touch doesnt work in the recovery mode. Use volume buttons for navigation.)
  • Select wipe data/factory reset and then select wipe cache partitions. This will wipe all the data on mobile.
  • Finally select reboot system now. Of course first boot will take more time than usual.

Thats it!! Your Samsung Galaxy S Advance is now running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Share your views about this update. If you have any queries regarding the article you can ask through the comments. We will try to solve them as early as possible.

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