Update Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to Android 4.4 KitKat via Omni ROM

As we all know Android OS is extremely flexible when it comes to customization.  That’s one of the reasons many users try to flash Custom ROMs on their device there by experiencing more new unique features & personalization options. The top four most used & preferred custom ROMs in Android world today are Cyanogenmod, AOKP, Omni and Paranoid ROM. As far as I know Cyanogenmod has always been the best ROM due to its unending customization features. Also the numbers of devices running on CM are more as compared with any of the three mentioned ROMs. Besides CM, there is one ROM who is gaining much popularity amongst the Android community & at a tremendous speed. Its name is Omni ROM.

This newcomer aims to bring new set of features & has a lot of potential to go far and bring the Android community exactly what they want. Chainfire, Xplodwild and Dees_Troy, the well known XDA developers have teamed up together & developed this beautiful ROM for us. Chainfire has been well known for the development of SuperSU. Xplodwild is famous for focal camera app while the Dees-Troy is lead developer of TWRP. Omni ROM provides an AOSP that will please most Android users. It delivers a much more basic and lightweight user experience. In this article we are going to discuss on how to flash Omni ROM based on Android 4.4 KitKat on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This tablet was launched after the amazing success of the Galaxy Note. This tablet uses a 10.1″ screen, quad core processor, two GB RAM and has a S-pen feature.

After the launch of android 4.4 KitKat, everyone is talking about this newly launched update. We cannot predict whether Note 10.1 tablet will get this update officially or not. So instead of waiting for that, you can go for Custom ROMs. Also if you have got bored of looking at the same UI of your Note 10.1 and want some change, this is a high time to switch to a custom ROM that is rapid in performance, in response and much better in battery life. With Omni ROM you will not only get all these features but also some mysterious ones. One of the main features that make everyone so interested in Omni ROM is the multi-window support. This is in fact the first custom ROM to support multi-window as a feature. Don’t forget that even the latest KitKat flavored features are integrated in it. So what you are getting is a combo features pack. You must definitely go for this one.

As it is still in its development stage, you may face few untested bugs & issues. But don’t worry; with further updates they will definitely get cleared. Till then you can enjoy & experience this KitKat flavored Omni ROM on your Galaxy Note 10.1.


The custom ROM update given below is of risk and must be performed carefully without any single mistake. If wrongly attempted, it may permanently cause damage to your tablet. If so happened, then neither we nor the developers are responsible for that. Although it is very rare that your tablet will get damaged/bricked. But still we warn you to read & follow everything given below at your own risk.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.4 KitKat Omni ROM

ROM Info & Specifications:

Compatible Device – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 / N8010 / N8013
AOSP Based – Yes
ROM Name – Omni
ROM Version – Android 4.4.2 KitKat
ROM Status – Testing (as on 30 Jan 2014)


  • Your tablet must be rooted.
  • For reducing the risk of interruption during the flashing process, we recommend you to charge your tab battery at least up to 70%.
  • For improving your battery life, you may follow our guide:
  • Backup all your important data such as Contacts, SMS / MMS, Apps, APNs, Call Logs etc. This is recommended as everything will get wiped while performing the ROM installation. You may refer our guides given below.
  • For Backing up Contacts & Messages, follow this article:
  1. How to Backup Android Contacts and Text Messages (SMS / MMS).
  • For Backing up Call logs, APNs & EFS folder, follow this article:
  1. How to Backup Call logs, APNs and EFS folder from your Android Device.

Note: EFS folder, a very sensitive folder present in your system directory contains important information of your phone (like IMEI number, MAC address, product code etc). If it gets wiped, you’ll  not be able to make/receive any calls or connect to the network.

  • Custom Recovery like TWRP must be installed in order flash Android 4.4 Omni ROM. If you haven’t installed it yet then refer the procedure section below.

How to Update Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet to Android 4.4 KitKat Omni ROM:

This article is categorized into 3 different section namely- Downloads, Recovery installation & ROM flashing procedure. Download section provides all files required to flash Android 4.4 KitKat ROM. In recovery installation section, procedure for flashing Android 4.4 compatible custom recovery is explained. And in third and last section, steps involved in the flashing Omni ROM (via recovery mode) are included.


Choose TWRP Recovery & ROM package depending upon your device’s model number-

File #1 (a): TWRP for Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000Green Download Button AL

File #1 (b): TWRP for Galaxy Note 10.1 N8013 Green Download Button AL

File #2: Odin Multi Downloader v1.85 Green Download Button AL

File #3 (a): Omni ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 Green Download Button AL

File #3 (b): Omni ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1 N8010 / N8013 Green Download Button AL

File #4: Google Apps for Android 4.4 Green Download Button AL

File #5: SuperSU for Root Access Green Download Button AL

After downloading above mentioned files, connect your tab to PC and copy File #3 (a or b), File #4 & File #5 on your device’s internal or external storage memory.

Android 4.4 Compatible TWRP Recovery Installation:

Step 1: To flash TWRP recovery, you’ve to boot your phone in download mode. The same can be achieved by switching off the tab and then pressing Volume down + Power key simultaneously. Keep holding these two buttons till you get a warning message on the screen.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Download Key ComboGalaxy Note 10.1 Download Mode Key Combo

Galaxy Note 10.1 Download Mode WarningGalaxy Note 10.1 Download Mode Warning

Step 2: Press Volume up button to continue. As soon as you’ll do it, a green Android robot with Downloading… text written below it should appear on the screen. It means your device is now booted in download mode.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Download mode

Step 3: On PC, run Odin3 v1.85 (File #2) and using a USB cable, connect your tab to PC. As soon as you’ll connect the tab, ID:COM section of Odin (located at the top left) will turn yellow and you’ll get ‘Added!‘ message in the message box.

Note: If ID:COM section is not turning yellow then you need to install Samsung Drivers in your PC (Refer Pre-Requisites section for the same). Else you may have to replace the USB cable.

Step 4: Now, tick against PDA tab and by clicking on the same, browse for “recovery.tar.md5” & select it. Since recoveries for N8000 & N8013 are different, ensure that you’ve downloaded a compatible recovery for your device’s model.

Step 5: Finally press the Start button & wait for recovery to get flashed on the tab. If you get ‘PASS!’ message with green colored background then you can safely disconnect the tab from PC.

Odin Pass Message

By this time, you’ll have TWRP Recovery installed on your Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab. Now, let’s move further to the ROM Installation process.

ROM Installation:

Now you’ve flashed a custom recovery and are all set to go flashing the Omni ROM!

Step 1: Like in previous section, we used Odin for flashing TWRP recovery. Here we’ll use TWRP recovery itself to flash the ROM, GApps & SuperSU. Now, firstly boot into recovery mode. To do so, switch off the tab. Press Volume up + Power key together and hold them till you see ‘Team Win’ appeared on tab screen.

TWRP Main Menu

Step 2: Before you wipe your personal data & settings stored on the tab, make sure to take a nandroid backup of the same. Nandroid is nothing but a full system backup of your current ROM / firmware. Therefore, by chance if anything goes wrong, you always have an option to restore your previous ROM back.

To create a nandroid backup, select Backup option from main menu and on next screen tick all available options (EFS, Modem, System, Boot, Recovery, Cache…). To save the storage space you may save the backup in a compressed manner. And for that you’ll need to tick against ‘Enable compression’ option. Finally use ‘Swipe to Backup’ option to start the backup process.

Backup Options TWRP

Step 3: After completion of backup process, return to the main of recovery and select ‘Wipe’ option. In Wipe screen, use ‘Swipe to Factory Reset option’ to erase all the data (doesn’t touch internal / external storage).

Factory Reset TWRP

Step 4: The real game begins right at this step as we’re finally going flash the Omni Android 4.4 KitKat ROM on your tab. So, select ‘Install’ option from main menu and on next screen, select the storage memory (internal or external) where you copied File #3, File #4 and File #5 earlier.

Storage Selection TWRP

Step 5: After selecting a storage memory, locate the Omni ROM file and select it. Now you’ll get an option of Adding More zip files. Therefore, select it and queue other two files (GApps & SuperSU) subsequently. Use ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash’ option to begin ROM, GApps & SuperSU installation process.

ROM Installation TWRP

Step 6: Now just like screenshot shown below, you’ll see a Wipe cache/dalvik option. Select it. Then return to the main menu.

Installation Successful TWRP

Step 7: Select ‘Reboot’ and on next screen choose ‘System’ to restart the tab. First startup would take few minutes more than usual boot up time. So be patient!

Reboot Menu TWRP

And whoa! The latest and hottest Android is now up and running on your Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab. Let us know how it’s working for you. If you any doubts or queries then don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section below. We’ll try our best to come up with an appropriate solution for it.

Source & Credits: XDA Community

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