Update HTC One M7 to Android 4.4.4

Recently, some smartphones got the latest update of Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Also, rumours are saying that this update will be available for HTC One M8 in July month officially. But, there are not any rumours about this Android 4.4.4 update for HTC One M7. But, HTC One users can install this update with the help of ‘Liquid Smooth ROM’.

Liquid Smooth Custom ROM is based on Android Open Source project designed to deliver a smooth performance and stable ROM. Liquid Smooth V3.1 will install the latest Android 4.4.4 update to your HTC One along with some added softwares and features. This ROM based on a cyanogen mod. After installing this ROM, user will be getting a new and finer interface. Some tweaks are also added to this ROM to optimize the performance.

This is one of the best ROMs for the HTC One with the following features.

Features :

  • Android 4.4.4
  • Linaro 4.9 GCC Toolchain
  • Arm optomized string handling routines
  • O3 strict-aliasing and ISO C++ 11 Mode
  • Custom Animation Controls
  • TRDS 3.0
  • Active display
  • Slim’s quick settings
  • Slim’s DPI
  • Halo
  • Ram Bar
  • T-Mobile Theme Engine
  • Privacy Guard
  • SuperUser
  • Configurable Power Menu
  • Configurable Nav Bar
  • Gamma Configuration Support
  • Lock Screen notifications
  • And many more…

Screenshots : Here are some screenshots of the ROM.

1 1

2 3


Disclaimer :

The procedure mentioned in this article is risky and may damage to your phone permanently. Installing a custom ROM is voids your warranty. Please read the article carefully before implementing any changes. Neither we nor the developer will be responsible for any kind of damage to your phone. If you are not aware of these procedures, then try to get help from an experienced person. Also, this ROM is for HTC One M7 only. Don’t try to flash it on other models.

Pre-requisites :

  1. Take backup of all the necessary data such as contacts, SMS, MMS, APN lists, etc. Flashing the ROM may wipe all the data.
  2. Keep your phone’s battery charged, at least up-to 60%.
  3. Make sure that you are having a custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP installed on your phone. If not, then first install them from the links given.




Downloads :

Procedure :

In this procedure, I am using TWRP recovery. Installation guide for TWRP recovery is given in Prerequisites. Please read the procedure carefully and then proceed for the implementation.

  • First of all, move both the zip files downloaded in Downloads Section to the phone memory. Don’t extract them.
  • Now enter the Recovery mode on your phone. For this, switch off the phone. Press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously for few seconds. This will launch bootloader from which you have to choose Recovery Mode option.
  • Take a backup of the phone as it might be useful further if anything goes wrong.
  • Now, wipe all the data and cache.
  • Now, select ‘install‘ and select the zip file corresponding to Liquid Smooth ROM. This will flash the ROM to your phone. This might take several minutes.
  • Now, again click on ‘install‘ and select the zip file corresponding to Gapps. This will install the Google apps to your device.
  • Now, reboot your phone normally. First booting will take several time approx. 5-10 minutes.
  • If you get stucked in bootloops, then wipe the data and flash the ROM again.
  • After reboot, if you are getting any force close errors, then wipe the data again.
  • Now, your phone is updated to Android 4.4.4. You are ready to enjoy the new interface and features of your phone.

For more information, visit this page on XDA Forum.