Tranform your Galaxy S3 into Galaxy S5 with Glamour ROM

Most of the Samsung Galaxy S3 user are unhappy as Samsung stated that they will not be providing an Android 4.4 KitKat update for this handset due to it’s low 1 GB RAM. But, don’t be sad as you can install an update of Android 4.4 to your Galaxy S3 with the help of custom ROMs. You will get many such custom ROMs which will provide you Android 4.4 update. But, Glamour S5 is one of the best ROMs for Galaxy S3.

Glamour S5 does not only provide you Kitkat update, but also converts your Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S5. This ROM adds some on the features of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 to your S3. Following features will get added to your handset.

  • Air Command
  • Smart Functions (Smart Stay, -Pause, -Scroll)
  • S5 Contacts and Phone app
  • Popup Incoming Calls and Messages
  • S5 Power Saving Mode
  • S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • S5 Toolbox
  • S5 Launcher and Magazine app
  • One Hand Operation
  • S5 Lockscreen Effects (Light effect, Stone skipping, Popping colours, Watercolour and Ripple)
  • S5 wallpapers and live wallpapers
  • S5 System UI
  • Download Booster
  • 4-way reboot menu
  • Good battery life
  • S5 mDNle modes

After installing this ROM, you will experience really smooth working Samsung Galaxy S3 with improved battery life and fully loaded with S5 features and applications. The detailed procedure about how to install this ROM to your handset is given below.

Disclaimer –

The steps mentioned in this article are risky and can permanently damage your phone. So, it is requested that you should not follow this article, if you are not aware of these procedures. Please completely read the article before implementing any changes. Neither we nor developer is responsible for any kind of damage cause to your phone. Glamour S5 ROM is for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 only. Don’t try to install it on other models.

Screenshots –


Pre-requisites –

  • Keep your phone’s battery charged, minimum up-to 60%, so that the installation will proceed without any interruption.
  • Take backup of the the important data such as Contacts, SMS, MMS, APN list, EFS folder, etc. to the external memory card as all the data on the phone might get vanished during installation.
  1. How to backup Contacts and SMS from your Android device.
  2. How to backup APNs, EFS, Logs from your Android device.
  • (Important!) Don’t try to flash this ROM with stock recovery. Install any custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP for flashing the ROM.

Downloads –

First download the file Glamour S5 (or whichever the latest version available) from this link and move it to your phone’s internal / external storage. For this ROM, there is no need to install Google apps separately.

Procedure –

  • First of all, make sure that your phone is rooted and you are having custom recovery such as CWM.
  • Copy the file to your phone. Don’t extract it.
  • Then, switch off the phone and reboot into recovery mode by pressing and holding home + power + volume up buttons simultaneously.
  • It is recommended that you should take a nandroid backup which might be useful in future if anything goes wrong.
  • Click on ‘wipe data/ factory reset’. Also ‘wipe dalvik cache’.
  • Now, to flash the ROM, select ‘install zip form sdcard’ and then select file ‘’. ROM will be installed automatically.This might take several minutes.
  • After installation, you will see recovery menu again. Now, reboot your phone normally. This will start the phone. For the first booting, it might take around 10 minutes.
  • If you get stuck in boot loops, then try to flash the ROM again OR boot into recovery mode. Select ‘mount and storage’ -> ‘format /system’ and ‘format/data’ and then flash the ROM again.
  • After restart, if you are having any force close errors, then ‘wipe data’ again or if available use ‘fix permissions’ option (in recovery mode).
  • That’s it! Now enjoy with your new and upgraded Samsung Galaxy S3.

Tip – If you don’t like the ROM or you are not comfortable with it, then you can easily go back to the previous ROM just by entering into recovery mode and selecting backup & restore option followed by restore and choose the latest backup you are having.

Please give reviews about the ROM and feel free to share any problems you are having.

For more info on this ROM, refer this thread on XDA

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