Track your friends using new Swarm App by Foursquare

Foursquare has recently announced Swarm, a new android app which aims to help you track your nearby friends. This app was basically the idea behind the original Foursquare app which was launched back in 2009. It’s an app for virtually ‘checking in’ at a location and sharing where you are with friends using the app.

Foursquare has been used for sharing your location for years, Swarm aims to facilitate meet-ups with friends more easily by letting you broadcast where you’re going next and what your friends’ plans are.

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This app uses passive location signals to show you which friends are nearby even when they haven’t checked in. Where Find My Friends shows you a friend’s location down to the foot, Swarm lets you see who’s in the neighborhood.

Just suggest plans to your Swarm friends, then text those that are interested in tagging along. Additionally there is also a messaging feature added to it. Swarm isn’t yet available for Windows Phone, but Foursquare says that’ll change soon.

Swarm also for the first time lets you search your entire history of check ins, which is definitely an often-requested feature.

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The features that are present in Swamp are completely different than what you’re used to. New stickers in it will replace things like mayorships and leaderboards, thus making Swarm more about being social and less about the competition.

The power of Foursquare as a recommendation engine is significant. As for Swarm, location sensing isn’t something we haven’t seen before, but nobody’s been able to do it in a big, popular, and ubiquitous way.

Foursquare’s social features will surely be missed by some, but with Swarm, Foursquare is betting big on sharing your location with friends not on the aging concept of checking in to earn points.

If you want to hide your location, you can swipe on the app’s top bar to go off the grid. Foursquare hopes that by making sharing your location less creepy, people will finally give the concept a shot.

With search past check-ins users can search through their previous check-ins for a specific city, person or place.

Neighborhood sharing feature allows friends to see when you’re in their neighborhood and for you to see when they are nearby.

With plans and people nearby features users can suggest a plan or activity that’s viewable by all of their friends in their city. Those friends can then reply to the suggested plan.

The main Foursquare app will be focusing on discovery. The app will learn from the places that you’ve already visited as well as reviews of local spots. This way it will recommend new restaurants and stores for you to visit. This new Foursquare app is expected to roll out later.

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The Foursquare team just explained that their app has been splitted into two separate apps. This is because when most users load up the current ruling Foursquare app, they either only check-in or only discover a new place to visit. Splitting it into two apps should help to make those two actions quicker since they’ve now got their own dedicated apps. For some people who like to perform both actions whenever they load up Foursquare, this split might be a bit frustrating.

Day by day it is getting a revamp of its own. Swarm is free to download and use, but keep in mind that you’ll need a good set of friends to make the app worthwhile.

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