Touch Clockworkmod Recovery For AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-I717

Now forget old versions of clockworkmod recovery. Here we have brought Touch version of the same. Touch version is very handy if you are fond of installing custom ROMs. This guide will help you to install this clockworkmod recovery on your AT&T Galaxy Not SGH-I717.

Disclaimer : The methods & procedures described here are risky. If you are not aware of the things discussed here, you should not attempt it. In case if any damage happened to your device while following this procedure, we should not be held responsible for it.

Note Before Installing Clockworkmod Recovery on Galaxy Note SGH-I717 :

  • After installing this custom recovery, warranty provided by Samsung will get void. So ensure that if you are comfortable with it.
  • As soon as the recovery is installed, your device’s binary flash counter will increase & as a result, you’ll see the yellow triangle popup each time you reboot your phone.
  • Procedure mentioned here is compatible only with AT&T Galaxy Note which bears model number SGH-I717. Please don’t try it on any other device (including international Galaxy Note N7000) or it may result in hard bricked phone.

Procedure to Install Custom Clockworkmod Recovery On AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-I717 :

  • Download Odin Multi Downloader & Clockworkmod Recovery (Custom Recovery) from the link given below :

  1. Odin v3.04.
  2. Touch CWM Recovery for AT&T Galaxy Note.
  • After downloading both the files, switch off your phone to enter into downloading mode. The same can be entered by holding Volume down button + Power Key simultaneously. You’ll get ‘warning!’ popup. Press Volume up to proceed. After getting into the downloading mode, you’ll see Android robot & ‘Downloading…‘ written over there.
  • Now open Odin Multi Downloader which you’ve just downloaded. Connect your phone to PC while keeping it in downloading mode. If you’ve connected it properly, the ID:COM section of Odin will turn “blue” & will show message ‘Added!!‘. If it doesn’t then you have to install drivers for your device from the link below.
  1. AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-I717 USB Drivers.

  • In Odin, click on PDA tab to select “recovery.tar.md5” file which you’ve just download (2nd download) & keep all the remaining settings as it it.
  • Now press Start button to initiate the process of flashing recovery.
  • Once recovery is flashed, the ID:COM section will turn “Green” & show “Pass” message on the top.

Note : If Odin gets stuck while flashing recovery, don’t panic. Just disconnect the phone, remove batter, reinsert it, enter in downloading mode & do the steps again.

  • To ensure if you’ve installed clockworkmod recovery on your Note, Switch off the phone, press & hold Volume Up Button + Power Key simultaneously to enter into your newly installed custom recovery.

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly mentioned above, your AT&T Galaxy Note will now have custom clockworkmod recovery installed. Do let us know in comments below if any difficulty occurred during this process, we will be happy to sort out the same..

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