Top 5 Must Have Android Apps for a Tidy, Smoothly Running Phone

Is there such a thing as having too many apps? Yes, if most of them are running at the same time without you being aware of it. Heres a list of handy apps to keep you organized and make sure your android is not using too much memory.

The Vault

This free app is among many android users favourites. It creates a private and encrypted space within your device so that you can keep your pictures, videos, text messages or call history hidden. You can have hidden contacts and also keep your communication with them hidden. Some of its features cost money such as Stealth Mode which allows you to hide your Vault folder from your phone screen and apps folder and Break-In-Monitor, which takes a picture of anyone who tries to enter an incorrect password.


Once you open your free account on Dropbox, this app allows you to access your important files wherever you are. These can be documents, pictures, presentations or other files and you have the option to share them with friends or business partners whether they are a Dropbox member or not. This app keeps being updated with new incentives such as more storage space and auto uploading to keep up with Google Drive and other competition so be on the lookout.

Memory Booster

This powerful tool monitors the memory usage of your phone in real time providing you with options to conserve memory. It defragments your androids memory claiming back memory that was lost. On top of that, it detects apps that eat up memory needlessly and lets you see how much memory you’ve saved so you can figure out which configuration works best for what you need. Other features include Task Killer, Boost Level Manager & Memory Boost Log and Whitelist Manager.

My Data Manager

This is a terrific tool for keeping track with how much of your data allowance you have used. It is quite simple to use, it shows you exactly which apps and services consume the most data on your phone. There is the historical view which gives you a clear report of your average usage. After downloading, you need to enter your bill plan, set up your notifications and start saving. You can even set usage alarms and thus avoid the nasty bill surprise, especially after roaming services.



Lookout app performs automatic scans, runs in the background and keeps malware and viruses at bay. You can also schedule daily or weekly security scans. There are free Backup and Restore features as well as Find My Phone which locates the phone on Google map if it is lost or stolen. You can activate a loud alarm even when your phone is on silent or log into to locate your phone. A fantastic premium feature is Remote Lock and Wipe which securely locks your phone if it gets lost or stolen.

The list only names a few, but as there is so much to choose from it is good to bear in mind which apps help with organization and keep your memory at an optimum.


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Ella is writer and blogger, loves to explore and write about various technology and internet trends. Since she got her HTC wildfire S Android Phone she is interested in everything related to its apps and features.

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