Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone's Data

You have got the Android phone and have all your personal data stored in that which includes your passwords and all personal information which is too sensitive. Just like you think your Android phone is a precious belonging to you, same is the case with the data it holds. So what if your phone is stolen or hacked by someone or it is lost?

Each day, you like some app and try to get it for your Android phone. Well that is nice but even that lets your security to lose a bit of ground. To secure your Android phones data, you need to have a good knowledge about enhancing the security options. Also, you got to implement some things that shield you in the times when you can get your data to fall in some strangers basket. Learn how you secure it.

1. Use SE Android OS

When you get some app downloaded to your phone then you give it some or more access as well. This lessens up your security. To help you National Security Agency (NSA) has created a new SE Android OS. This is a version of Android OS which is much secure and locks your phone and data exploitation by the unknown.

2. Lock your Android phone

You can lock your Android phone by setting a passcode. To do so, go to the settings menu and tap on location and security. You will see there an option to set unlock pattern. By locking your phone properly none can use it without your prior permission and your data stays secured and intact.

3. Advanced security options

MobileDefense, TenCube and WaveSecure are few good advanced security options that you can choose from. If you lose your phone or it is stolen away then in that case you get an option to wipe off all the personal data by using these kinds of app only.

4. Apps that secure your Android phone

Get your Android phone protected from web intruders by selecting powerful anti-malware apps like Lookout. With such an app you can be rest assured that your security will remain intact when you are browsing, using your Android phone.

5. SIM card lock

In an addition to the prior phone lock mentioned in this article, you must choose for a SIM card lock by setting up a PIN code. This will secure all your contact information and the data usually stored in a SIM.

6. Third party protection

Programs and software like AVG, Norton, Trend Micro help you in securing your data in various many ways. It is better to get the premium protection cover rather than going for the free ones because a premium one provides you with a complete protection cover.

7. Full device backup

There are apps like Titanium Backup which can help you in getting a clone or backup of your phone onto the hard disk of your computer. In the case of theft or severe physical damage to your phone, backup helps you to get everything as it was.

8. Dropbox

Dropbox is cloud storage software which works with Android OS and then gives you complete access over your data on the go. One has to sign up for a Dropbox account and then save all essential and needy files in it. Without a Dropbox, you cannot thing of the backup of your data.

9. How Google helps in securing

When you have an Android phone that means, everything you use from an email to apps and contact information; all this stays with your account and address. Simply add that to your new phone and import everything from there to the new device.

10. Secure data with AndroidLost

Go to the Android Market and search there for AndroidLost. When you find this application, install it to your Android phone (this is free for all Android gadgets and devices). By logging in with your Google account to the AndroidLost website you have full command over your data, even when the phone is not with you.

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