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Temple Run is the most popular gaming series, when talking about the smartphone games. Temple run which initially appeared in iOS devices, is now available on all leading mobile OS operating on a touch interface. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile too. First version of the series was Temple Run and the next version was Temple Run 2, although this is not the end of this amazing game series as the next launch was of Temple Run OZ. Comparing them all, Temple Run 2 is found to be most popular game of the temple run series. This is due to its amazing graphics and the most compelling gameplay.


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Storyline and Gameplay:

There isn’t as such strong storyline, neither there will be any screenplay that you will be shown during the game. Temple Run 2 is an endless runner game thus you have to run till the end of your life, in the game. Plot is quite simple as there is a temple amidst some mysterious forest or whatever you may call it. The temple contains an Idol, which you have to take away. But, you were not aware of the traps that the temple concludes; a humungous monster will be after you. You have to run, avoid hitting obstacles, collecting coins, taking power-ups and using the same.

Levels, Powers And Collectables:

Temple Run do not consists of any sort of levels or stages, it is just an endless runner game. In such kind of game the game run constantly with the speed increasing constantly and the elements that it possess. When started for the first time you will be briefed about the game by a practice game.

There are objectives in the game that needs to be completed to unlock next set of objectives. Actually, the objectives are distributed in levels. Each of this level consist of 3 objectives to be completed. Completing each objective will fill up the bar, and on filling the bar completely, you will gain some collectables and a new set of objectives will be unlocked.

Talking about the collectables stuff, there are two things that can be collected viz coins and gems. Coins have been followed up from the previous version. These coins are available in plenty between the game, using these you can upgrade levels of certain powers and can also buy some other characters. There are around 10 playable character that are present in the game, although in the starting there will be only one unlocked. Rest can be unlocked by purchasing using the gems and coins. Gem is a new term that has been introduced in this version of the game. This is quite similar to the wings power of the previous version. Gems although work as credit life, using this you continue your game from where you have lost.

How To Play On PC?

To play Temple Run 2 on Microsoft windows you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Download android emulator Bluestacks and install it using offline installer.
  2. Open it and search for ‘Temple Run 2’.
  3. Out of the search results, click on the official link.
  4. Play store will now open, just tap on the install button to install.

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