Telegram for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Telegram is social cum professional messenger. It basically deals with instant messaging on Smartphone. For desktop messaging, it also serves the same. Telegram serves excellent security and fair speed as well. iPhone, Android Phone and Windows Phone are the mobile platforms where telegram is pushed to be loaded basically. For computer systems, it serves compatibility for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. However, it is not necessary that it is compatible for each operating systems released from windows.

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Why Would you Choose Telegram Messenger?

Telegram offers services for users who have aspects, like doing messaging or texting. Apart, it also serves users who need a secure and fast transfer of their important data and documents without going it to their mailbox. Using telegram documents can be directly send to users and in a secure mode, and unlike mailbox you need to separately download the files. You can transfer almost all types of file formats with this messenger. You never have to be worried about your privacy as all the transfer will be done using your own account to the person which would also have their corresponding account on Telegram itself as well.

Reason to Switch Your Messenger into Telegram:

Undoubtedly, you might be using an exciting messenger like WhatsaApp, WeChat or similar famous application. And of course these messengers do also have features that you need to have. But when it comes to Telegram, it aids some additional professional, secured and entertaining tool kit within. For example, you can send media files using your existing messenger but you might face issues in order to send a document or Pdf file. With Telegram, you are just a tap behind and you will be done. Furthermore, it delivers its message very fast and the messenger is highly encrypted which means it makes your privacy secured. You can access Telegram servers from any corner of the world. Telegram can be downloaded for free either from its official website or you can also download from any third party site as well. Messages from telegram are not easily hacked or crack able through any spyware, due to its encryption processes.

You can send files up to 1 GB at a time on Telegram Messenger.  Media and chat support from Telegram is unlimited for you. You can create groups on Telegram and up to 200 members could be added in a group. One of its major feature is, you can transfer any type of file using Telegram from anywhere in the world. Talking about its access, it is user friendly and quite handy tool in order to operate. It has interface which is primarily installed with contacts and messages. Telegram is built up to be known for its security. Telegram for PC is same as it is available for phone. It offers the same features which allow you to perform your aspects. Even its looks are also as simple and cool for desktop as it is found on mobile phones. To get Telegram on your computer system, you need to enter its official website where you can choose a suitable version according to PC configurations. Telegram account will be created by entering your phone number into it.

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How To Get Telegram for PC?

  1. Download offline installer of Bluestack.
  2. Open Bluestack.
  3. Search ‘Telegram’ and open the app’s Playstore link.
  4. Now, download it from Playstore.

Once done, access it right from the “My Apps” section of Bluestacks!

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