SwipePad- Easily Access Apps along with Multitasking Feature

Today there are various apps available in the play store and many of us have no control on themselves for trying each and every app. But while trying them and going from one app to another is quit frustrating.

The quickest way for switching between apps when you have already opened an app is that you just need to press and hold down the home button using which you can view the recently used app.If your phone has ICS then it may have a separate button for this. But if you restart your phone then that list is emptied forever and sometimes you even want to switch to an app that you havent opened recently.

Swipe pad for android is the only solution for this. SwipePad is considered to be a better app switcher for Android phones because you no longer need to hold down the home button to launch the apps.

It is very simple and easy to use. You just need to touch down your finger or drag from any corner of your phone screen and move towards the centre of the screen so that a pad will emerge. Then release your finger on a specific app that you want to run. And here you go you will be amazed to see that the app starts without closing the running app. It means that SwipePad will switch the app you want to use.

Not only apps the pad can hold a mixture of shortcuts, bookmarks, contacts, etc.

Using SwipePad:

Firstly you will see an empty pad of 12 boxes when you drag from selected edge of your phone screen. After that you just need to hold down your finger on one of the empty pad so that it turns orange. On releasing your finger you will get a choice of what you want to assign to that box. In the same manner you can assign any app, shortcut etc. to the remaining 11 boxes. While opening any app through SwipePad you will come to know that the pad turns blue. Also if you want to change the app assigned to any box, you just need to do is that hold down your finger on that box for a couple of seconds till the box turns orange so that you can edit it again.

SwipePad has three basic configurations:

  1. General
  2. Add-ons and
  3. Hotspot configurations.
  • The General tab contains few basic settings and also information about the developers and how to contact them.
  • In Hotspot configuration you can change from which corner of your phone screen you want the pad to appear. It includes top left and right corner, left and right upper half edge, left and right lower half edge, bottom left or right corner and bottom edge.

In Add-ons you will get the following features:

  1. Keypad S: This is a super dialer which can search for apps, bookmarks, contacts, all in one place.
  2. AppLauncher: You can assign it to a slot and launch any app from within any app.
  3. DynamicPads: In such pads all your recent contacts and tasks are automatically filled.


  1. This app works with all home apps like Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, and Launcher Pro etc.
  2. You can even increase the number of pad and slots fitting your screen.
  3. The main thing is that while using SwipePad the app under it is not interrupted and keeps on running (even in case of Games).
  4. It does not affect much to the memory and battery of your SmartPhone.
  5. It takes multitasking experience on android to a whole new level.
  6. You can even just disable it without uninstalling or force closing it.

Its absolutely free and it wont take you long to download as it weighs less than a megabyte. Once you install it will take you through a quick tutorial on how to get started. I assure you that this app will definitely make your mobile much faster in multitasking.

So dont waste your time just get it now from Here:

Download SwipePad (Hyperspace Launcher)

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