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Superbeam is an app developed for a variety of mobile operating systems. As per the name of the app, it helps its users to share files between mobile devices with ease and high speed. You can share almost all type of files using this spectacular application. In the present world of HD videos, big game, 320 kbps music and 13mp camera images; it is quite difficult and cumbersome task to transfer files between devices by Bluetooth, which is the only most prevalently used means for data transfer. To ease your way out, new technologies like NFC and Wifi were incorporated. NFC works quite well and do not require and expert configuration, although this technology can only be found on high end devices.


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Thus, wifi is the only way left, which is available in most of the smart devices present today. But, problem arises when you are about to use this for transferring of data among devices. So, without getting much into the shell coding and ADB interface, you can opt to use apps like Superbeam. This app simply utilizes you wifi connectivity to transfer files between the connected devices, thus the transfer rate is quite amazing as you will get around minimum 3 MBps and 10MBps max.


Superbeam is a featured app, which allows sharing of files between different devices without any usage of internet data. The app work on the principle p2p networking, similar to what has been in the existence in the form of torrents since years. The only difference is that, it is totally legal. On most of the devices, it uses wifi connectivity to share files. The app is available for Android, iOS and windows mobile devices too; but not for windows officially.

Superbeam features a simple and easy to use interface, with a built in file manager. All the files are sorted according to the file types, wherein you can easily navigate to the file type that you want to send to the target device. The app automatically detect technology which has the fastest transfer speed, from the available options of transferring mediums. As wifi is the most common medium, which is available in most of the smartphones today, so this will be the default transferring mode. This can however be changed according to your requirement.

Getting Started:

To get started with the app, just download it from the Play store of your respective mobile operating system. To send any files, either open the app or use any file manager to select files and share using Superbeam. Both the devices needs to have Superbeam installed on them to send and receive files. For devices that do not have the app, a web based file manager is also available. The app will now automatically create hotspot, which when joined by the receiver will be able to receive the files.


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How To Get Superbeam For PC?

  • Download Bluestack offline installer.
  • Install Bluestack on your PC using the offline installer.
  • Open it and search for ‘Superbeam’ using Playstore.
  • When found download and install it.

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