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Often we have situations in which we have to transfer our file from our smart phone to our computer, say for storage or for editing purpose. It is usually a very tiring job. Wouldn’t it be fun if we didn’t require any data cable to do it? Yes! There are conventional ways of transferring files among smart phones and PCs like using the cloud system in case of Dropbox or the even more traditional option of emails. But what if you could transfer files among two devices with an app? Now that’s something pretty handy, right? SuperBeam does just that.


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What is SuperBeam?

SuperBeam is an app which helps in transfer of files between your PC and smart phone and vice versa. It is one of the quickest methods of transferring files between your smart phone and your PC or the other way round using Wi-Fi. It is available in two variations, SuperBeam Lite and SuperBeam Pro which you can download according to your convenience.

How to Download SuperBeam?

When it comes to the smartphones, you can download SuperBeam from the Google Play Store when you’re dealing with an Android or Windows device and in case of an iOS device, SuperBeam is available on iTunes. All you need to do is search for the app and hit install and the app gets downloaded in your device. In case you have a low speed internet connection, you can download it and install it from our offline installer. The app requires Java to run in PC which will be automatically downloaded and installed, once you’ve installed and run SuperBeam app.

How does SuperBeam work?

  • After you’ve installed the SuperBeam app in both your Mac and smart phone, you just have to open the app and do the following:
  • Select Receive or Send option on the dialogue box.
  • Drag and drop the file you want to share on the dialogue box, up on doing so you’ll be automatically provided with a QR code or a Key.
  • You can scan the QR code with the help of you receiving device and the two will be paired up. In case your receiving device is not equipped with a camera, you can manually insert the Key provided to pair up the two devices.
  • Send the files you want to share.
  • SuperBeam uses Wi-Fi direct to share the files in between your Mac and smartphone device.


  • SuperBeam is equipped with some pretty cool features which speed up the file sharing procedure.
  • Help in sharing files, between PC and smartphone using QR code or sharing Key.
  • Help in sharing files between PC and device devoid of SuperBeam, using web interface.
  • Work with multiple types of SuperBeam app containing device.
  • Help in sharing various types of files like images, documents, zip files, etc.


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  • SuperBeam requires some specific systems in order to work.
  • In order to share files between the Smart phone and PC, the former should have SuperBeam Pro installed.
  • PC should be Mac OS enabled.
  • PC should have Java version 6 or later.
  • No Firewall for outgoing port 8080 and 8888.

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