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Endless running games are the most preferred game category, especially when talking about the games for smartphones OS like Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. The most successful game of the category is considered to be the Temple Run series, of which there are now around 3 variants already available in the market including Temple Run 2 and Temple Run OZ. Besides this, there is another name which have given a boost to the category, ‘Subway Surfers’. Both subway surfers and temple and quite similar in their gameplay, although completely different when considering the plot.


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Subway surfers is set off in a city, while temple run is set off in jungles where a giant monster is after you. As the subway Surfer is set off in cities and the running takes place in the subway, thus instead of monsters a policeman will be after you.

Levels And Objectives:

As the game is an endless runner, there are no levels or stages are involved. The main aim in the game is to run as far as possible getting the collectables and avoiding to hit the obstacles. Having more insight on the game will reveal that the pace of the game increases after some predefined distances, making the game quite difficult to play.

The game is totally based on the objective, which you can find the in objective tab in the game. The objectives are presented in a pair of 3 per pair. On completing each pair some freebies will be rewarded, such as coins, hoverboards, keys, etc. Completing each pair of objectives will also increase the multiplier, which will further multiply itself with the number of coins you have collected during the game.

Coins, Powers And Collectables:

The game starts at a slow pace with a descriptive introduction about the game and how to play it. The most essential part consist of coins, which are fairly distributed throughout the game. Coins can be used to buy certain upgrade, new characters, powers, clothes, hoverboards, etc.

There are various powers that you will come across, including hoverboards, boombox, jetpack, etc. These will be available during the gameplay, however you can also buy them using the in-app purchases. Each of them have their distinct set of usage, hoverboards can be used when at high speed so that on hitting certain obstacles game will not end. Jetpacks takes you up in the air where you can collect coins. Initially all of these powers lasts for a short span of time, which can although be made to last longer by upgrading them using the coins.

Playing this game is quite simple, as it has few controls including swiping up to jump, down to crouch, left and right to move to either direction. To activate any power such as hoverboard double tap anywhere on the screen.

How To Run On PC? – The Procedure!


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  • Download Bluestack!
  • Install the Bluestack on your System using the installer downloaded above.
  • Open it and search for ‘Subway Surfer’ using its Playstore.
  • When found, download and install it!

Once all done, access it right from My Apps list of Bluestacks, and start making run!

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