Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, Specifications and Features

Samsung Galaxy S4, released in April 2013, had barely been on store shelves before we started hearing about its inevitable successor, Galaxy S5. Samsung has recently taken a wheel as the main driver of innovation in the smartphone market from Apple and hope that will continue with the much anticipated S5. Very few details are actually confirmed regarding the S5; however, there have been many leaks and convincing rumors as to its features and upgrades. Here are the most notable Galaxy S5 rumors so far:

Release Date

It is looking increasingly likely that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on 24th February. This would most likely lead to a release date in April after a Samsung executive confirmed that S5 would launch alongside the Galaxy Gear 2, the same time they launched S4 last year. Although this remains unconfirmed, it seems the most likely scenario.

Two Versions

There are strong rumors that now suggest there will be two versions of Galaxy S5, one plastic and a more expensive, premium metal version. It’s not clear if there will be different model names, but it’s possible the metal version will be called Samsung Galaxy F. It is also reported the more expensive model may come with a new true octa-core processor and a 1440p resolution screen.


Reports from Chinese website Tencent say that Samsung aims to ditch its super AMOLED display and suggests that Sharp is going to provide 5.25-inch 2K Ultra HD LTPS displays which have a higher pixel density of 560 pixels-per-inch (ppi). Reports suggest there is production issues with the AMOLED display meaning the Korean company are unable to keep up with demand for a new flagship smartphone.


Samsung’s flagship phones could soon include a 20MP camera. This is in contrast to previous rumors suggesting the Galaxy S5 would feature a 16MP setup. It seems Samsung’s research and development division started working on a project to develop a 20MP camera sensor from scratch which will include features such as autofocus actuators. It seems if this is the scenario then Galaxy S5 would be released with a 16MP camera and then Note 4 may come out with a 20MP camera by late 2014.


According to reports a Samsung device has been spotted on the benchmarking system which could potentially be the Samsung Galaxy S5. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 800 chipset with 3GB RAM. The Krait 400 processor involved is clocked at 2.5 GHz, a boost from the standard 2.3 GHz. Although there is no confirmation this actually is the S5, it seems unlikely Samsung would be testing a handset this powerful without it becoming their next flagship model. Another point of interest is the 2.5 GHz clock speed and a specific mention that the chip is Qualcomm silicon with an Adreno 330 GPU, all of which suggests a Snapdragon 800 quad-core model.


Reports of patents filed suggest that Galaxy S5 will sport a complete new design. Two patents filed by Samsung, one for a new super curvy design and one for a smartphone with no home button, have thrown up a range of potential designs. Talented concept artist, Ivo Maric, has taken the patent filing diagrams and used them to develop a concept render for the Samsung Galaxy S5, in this concept we see the S5 is thinner than the S4, has a curved display and will be the same size as the S4 but with a larger 5.25 inch display panel. It has been confirmed that  Galaxy S5 will look different to its predecessors as people couldn’t really tell the difference between the S3 and S4.

Galaxy S5 Concept


It seems Galaxy S5 will feature a completely new-look version of TouchWiz. Leaked pictures have shown a new fresh, stylish design with the homepage featuring a type of news feed similar to the HTC One. All the information is included in one place and is a far cry from the Android systems current heavy icon based interface. The display is certainly simpler and more understated and fits with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Galaxy S5 KitKat Touchwiz


The long rumored Iris scanner seems to have been ditched by Samsung and they look to have reportedly settled on a fingerprint scanner. The rumors are now focused on where the fingerprint scanner will be located on the device. There have been strong reports it will be contained inside the display itself, instead of a separate body part of a body which would make Galaxy S5 look too thick. However, when looking at the concept pictures there’s a weird elongated rectangle at the back in the upper right hand corner, could the fingerprint scanner possibly go there?


Previous reports have hinted at a 4,000 mAh battery, however new rumors have emerged pointing toward a 2,900 mAh battery in the Samsung Galaxy S5. This battery could include rapid charging technology which can charge from 0%-100% in around two hours. These kinds of batteries use a silicon anode instead of a graphite one, allowing for a slight jump up in battery life.

Multi-Party Video Conferencing

Another patent that has been uncovered hints that Samsung may be updating its ChatON messaging service to include conference calls. This feature would allow you to view multiple streams along the bottom of the device while using either the front or rear video cameras. It is unclear whether this feature will be integrated with existing apps or if it would be an entirely new app.

Samsung New ChatON


Smartphones are getting tougher with each new release and it is reported the Galaxy S5 will be waterproof and dust proof straight from the box. This is to keep the S5 in line with other top Android smartphones, such as the Xperia Z which ran its advertising campaign around its waterproof and dust proof credentials.

There are new leaks and rumors everyday regarding the Galaxy S5 and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before it is unveiled to us in all its glory.

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