Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 vs Galaxy S Duos S7562- Phone Comparison

As we all are waiting for a smart dual SIM android phone, here comes the end for its waiting. Two phones with some advanced features are being introduced by the Korean giant Samsung and the devices are Samsung Galaxy Grand and Galaxy S Duos. Galaxy Grand is dual SIM phone which is launched recently and may attract many people due to its advanced designs. Whereas Galaxy S duos was launched one month ago which looks similar to that of Galaxy S3 Mini.

Here is the comparison between Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos and Galaxy S Duos.

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Galaxy S DuosCamera Comparison

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand- 8 Megapixels immobile
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos- 5 Megapixels immobile

Samsung Galaxy Grand and Samsung Galaxy S Duos both have LED flash but the main difference about their camcorder is Galaxy Grand has 1920×1080 (1080p) HD camcorder whereas Galaxy S duos has 640×480(VGA) camcorder. About front facing camera, Galaxy Grand has 2. Megapixels front camera and Galaxy S duos has 0.3 Megapixels front camera.

Overall Samsung Grand has high camera resolution whereas Samsung Galaxy S Duos has average Camera resolution.

Display comparison

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand- 480×800 pixels resolution
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos-480×800 pixels resolution

Physical Display size of Samsung Galaxy Grand is 5 inches which in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S Duos is larger by 1 inch i.e. S Duos has 4 inches Display size. Considering Pixel Density, Samsung Galaxy S Duos has high ppi i.e. 233 ppi and Samsung Galaxy Grand has 187 ppi. Both models have same TFT technology, same colors, same touch screen i.e. capacitive and Multi-touch.

One added feature in Samsung Galaxy Grand is that it has light sensor which is not available in Galaxy S Duos.

OS and Design Comparison

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand-OS Android (4.1.2)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos-OS Android (4.0.4)

Dimension and Design Comparison

  • Dimensions of Samsung Galaxy Grand- 143.5×76.9×9.6 mm (5.65×3.03×0.38 inches)
  • Dimensions of Samsung Galaxy S Duos- 121.5×63.1×10.5 mm (4.78×2.48×0.41 inches)

Galaxy Grand and Galaxy S Duos both are smart phones. About dimensions Samsung Galaxy Grand has larger dimensions than Samsung Galaxy S Duos.

As compared to Galaxy Grand, Galaxy S Duos is lighter i.e.120g and Galaxy Grand is of 162g.

Battery comparison-

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand- 2100mAh capacity
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos-1500mAh capacity

Both types have same battery which is Li-ion.As we see Galaxy grand has talk time hours as 10.16 whereas Galaxy S Duos has 12.83 talk time hours.

Standby time of Galaxy Grand is 18.3 days (440 hours) and that of Galaxy S Duos is 23.8 days (570 hours).

Hardware Comparison-

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand-Dual core, 1200 MHz processor.
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos-Single core, 1000 MHz, ARM Cortex A-5 processor.

Galaxy Grand has system memory of 1024 MB (RAM) where Galaxy S Duos has 768 MB (RAM) system memory. Galaxy Grand has 8 GB built in storage which is more than that of Galaxy S Duos which is 4 GB. About external memory support, Galaxy Grand supports microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC up to 64 GB and Galaxy S Duos supports microSD, microSDHC up to 32 GB.

Multimedia comparison

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos-MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV Video supports are supported.
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos-MPEG4, H.263, H.264 Video formats are supported.

Both phones have same features considering audio and video playback. Both support FM, Stereo and RDS. Galaxy Grand Duos supported audio formats are: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMV Galaxy S Duos supported audio formats are MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WAV, AMR, OGG, and MIDI.

Both phones have streaming audio and video facilities provided.

Connectivity Comparison

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos-4.0 Bluetooth
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos-3.1 Bluetooth

Both phones support 802.11 b, g, and n Wi-Fi bands as well as both have mobile hotspot feature, USB 2.0 connectivity. Both have connector as microUSB.Galaxy Grand has some other connectivity features like DLNA, Tethering, Computer sync, OTA sync whereas Galaxy S Duos has Computer sync, OTA sync connectivity features.

Price Comparison

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos-Rs. 21,500
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos- Rs.14,500

Final Verdict

If you have set a heavy budget then go for Samsung Galaxy Grand whereas if you want to have best features in low price then Galaxy S Duos would be the best option. Both the smartphones are doing well in the market. Lastly it’s up to you.

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