Samsung Galaxy Core vs Sony Xperia M – Phone Comparison

Many a times it becomes confusing to choose between the smartphones which are in the same price range and having almost same specifications. And  if you are unable to decide between Galaxy Core and Xperia M (mid-range smartphones) then you are at the right place as we are going to discuss a detail comparison of this two smartphones.

Sony Xperia M

After looking to the specs, in the end of this article, you’ll able to choose one of them for sure. So, go through the article and have look at cons and pros of both the smartphones.

Galaxy Core


Phone display is one of the major factor that really matters while choosing a smartphone. When one looks at the phone, its display should look clear and natural. Another point should be considered i.e. whether the device has HD, QHD or Full HD screen? To know these answers, let’s look at the display specification of these two phones.

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Winner: Xperia M


In day to day life, speed and factors related to speed are very important. You see, everyone wants to get their job done quickly and the same we expect from our device as well. When you go to purchase a smartphone, you should look at it’s hardware specifications that tells you how fast a particular phone can operate. Of course, a phone having larger CPU clock frequency will dominate the other devices with lower clock frequencies. There are several other factors like RAM, Internal storage, Graphical processor (for Gaming) etc. which are equally important to that of CPU. Now lets compare the hardware of these 2 phones.

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Winner: Galaxy Core


When it comes to the look of a smartphone, its design should be considered equally. Phone having optimum dimensions, light weight and slimmer size should be given the first preference. Personally, I like design of Xperias (I am not a Sony fan though). They look very attractive due to their sizes, colors, finishing and the form factor (in this case, form factor of both devices are same). So, have a look at design specifications of Galaxy Core and Xperia M.

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Winner: Xperia M


If you are looking for a phone that can last longer (like for 1.5 – 2 days) then you should really consider a phone having larger battery capacity. So, go with the phone that has greater mAh than the other. Fortunately in this case, battery capacities of these 2 phones are almost similar. Lets look at it.

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Winner: Galaxy Core


As far as Camera is concerned, having a larger MP camera doesn’t matter (of course it does matter if the camera lens is good quality). Lets take an example, If you compare a smartphone having the same MP camera as that of local phone manufacture’s device, you will definitely notice a difference between the two and it will be because of the lens quality that they use in their products. In this case, both Galaxy Core and Xperia M are having the same MP camera. But though they’ve same MP camera, their video recording qualities are quite different. Now, lets look at the camera specs of these two to get a clear idea of the same.

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Winner: Xperia M


If you compare Galaxy Core & Xperia M in terms of connectivity, Xperia M gives higher data transfer speed viz. 21.1 Mbps as compared to that of 7.2 Mbps of Galaxy Core. Moreover it has newer version Bluetooth protocol. But if you want to use 2 SIM cards at a time then you may go for Galaxy Core (Recently, Sony also has launched  dual SIM variant of Xperia M). Another plus point of Xperia M would be NFC function, which helps user to get paired easily with other device having built-in NFC module.

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Winner: Xperia M

Miscellaneous Features

If you are still confused with these 2 phones then you should go with the one that offers additional features than the other. It includes- OS / OS version, additional sensors, screen protection and remaining software features etc. Also, its price should be in budget. So, lets go through these features.

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Winner: Xperia M

Final verdict

Well, looking at the winner of each round, we’ve come to the conclusion that Xperia M would be the better device amongst the two. But if you’re still confused with these two phones then have a visit to your nearby retail phone shop and go through the details of the same. And finally choose a smartphone which is suitable for you.

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