Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Black Edition with faux leather back

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black edition is the latest in Galaxy S4 range of smartphone series from Samsung and hopes to deliver a stylish version when it will release shortly. This version of the Galaxy looks similar to other Galaxy models, but comes with a black faux leather cover that is stylish and similar to other popular Galaxy Note 3 models.

This Galaxy S4 Black edition is even similar to the other Galaxy S4 models in terms of its hardware and external specifications. The device comes with a 5 inch high definition screen, as well as 2 GB of RAM and a internal storage space of 16GB. The device also features a 13 mega pixel camera, Wi-Fi connection and a micro SD storage slot for an SD card. This can be useful for transferring data between other products, such as digital cameras and laptops. Along with that this edition of Galaxy S4 should appeal to those who desire a classier model of the phone. For those who are sick of the constant smudging that would happen on the plastic designs would get little disappoint due to this new edition.


Samsung has been involved in the mobile industry for many years and has even played a big part in development of the mobile digital generation. And after the announcement of Galaxy S4 Black edition they definitely took their standard to a vast level. It was the Russian companies website from where the first look of this phone revealed. It was observed that many users were becoming sick of the cheap plastic feel of original S4 models. This new edition hopes to provide a much better user experience, thanks to the classy faux leather exterior. Users of the old Galaxy S4 may not be so pleased with the announcement of the new model. However, users of mobile devices that are new to the Samsung range will be definitely interested in new Galaxy S4 Black edition.

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