Rounds Video Chat For PC: Free Audio and Video Calls

Do you have a large friend circle and you desire to remain in contact with all your friends all the time? If yes, then Rounds video chat is the ideal tool for you. This program that was Android based and available only on mobile devices operating on Android OS has finally been introduced on PC platform. You do not need a mobile device to make a video call for free to your friend, as you can do it even with your home computer. Yes, Rounds video chat for PC makes it possible to video chat with your friends without spending much time. This program had become a craze among the people around the world because of its versatile features.

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Make Calls And Share Photos for Free:

It was not just the ability to make free video calls but also the ability to send unlimited text message and photo sharing that made Rounds chat a very popular app among Android users in a very short time period. It allows users to call, chat, and share photos to the content of their hearts and that too for free. You can even draw something and share it with your friends instantly with the help of Rounds. This is not all as even your recipients can make alterations to your drawings and send them back to using Rounds. If you were disappointed that Rounds was not available to your PC and you did not have an Android mobile device, you can now feel happy as Rounds video chat for PC is now available for free.

Boasts of Very High Call Quality:

It is really amazing to find very high call quality when using Rounds. There are no distortions in sound and calls and neither drop or end abruptly in between a conversation. Call quality remains excellent even when you make a video call to your friend or join a conference with several friends. This is a feature that is not found with other similar apps. But Rounds does not stop here and goes a step further as it allows users to watch Youtube videos together. If there is a YouTube video that you find funny or interesting, you can ask your friends to watch it at the very same instant. You can also play the same game with your friends by using Rounds. It is this feature that makes Rounds a social app.

You can use Rounds video chat for PC only if you have a Facebook account. This is a limiting feature that means that you cannot use this wonderful application if you stay away from Facebook. However, most people today have an account on Facebook so this should not be a problem for them. Also, if you download it in your computer, another family member has to use it with same Log in ID as there is no way you can use it independently. However, limitations apart, ‘Rounds video chat for PC’ is still a very useful app for all people.

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Running It On Windows – The Procedure!

  1. For running this app on your Windows machine, Download Bluestack’s offline installer!
  2. Now install Bluestack using the offline installer downloaded.
  3. Open it and search for ‘Rounds Video Chat’
  4. When found download and install it.

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