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Today most of the photos are clicked from our phones camera. The only reason for this is that they come up with better cameras and much increasing storage capacity. But when it comes to viewing these photos in the Gallery we dont get much smooth experience. The ordinary stock Gallery does not provide with much options and even is not quick and efficient to use.

To overcome this, we bring for you Quickpic which is the best picture gallery and photo viewer in android.As its name only suggest it must be quick and fast.

It allows you to view all your photos more clearly with the best quality of slideshow ever. Many users have posted positive reviews about this app due to its quick and efficient look.

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  • It can quickly search all the photos placed on your different directories without any background service thus showing its tremendous speed of browsing pictures.
  • There are some animated images that wont play on your stock Gallery, but in Quickpic you can play all those animated GIFs and standard videos (As Video is not the main aim of this app so dont get angry if you think video playing is not good enough, you must download some another app from play store for recovering this fault)
  • It also has a feature of hiding your photos and videos from gallery and protects them with a password lock from all those nosey people (In case you forget the password you just need to reinstall the app so as to clear the password).
  • For making more efficient scanning it can either include or exclude the specified folders present on your memory card.
  • Using Quickpic you can view all those 3D photos (MPO, JPS) with 2D mode.
  • You can experience best smoothing interface like IPhone with Quickpic.
  • It can display your folders containing images as either grid icons or as a list. You can use the top left icon for switching between them.
  • Sliding shift or switch, single or double tap or pinch to zoom.
  • It contains more file managing features as compared to your stock gallery includes moving and copying pictures, renaming them, sorting, creating new folders.
  • Once choosing a folder youll be directly taken to the photo browser with a grid of your images. Here youll have two options on top, one for going back and another for multi selection mode.
  • Single click opens a picture, double tap or pinch to zoom, and slide left or right for browsing images.
  • With a single click on any picture youll get different options on the top and bottom toolbar which includes go back, share, rename, delete, start slideshow and zoom. In the menu, youll see few more options like image details, rotate, crop, set as contact icon, set as wallpaper, and show its geo-location on the map.
  • There are often folders on your SD card containing all those private images that you dont want anyone to see. Also there are some applications that unload all its icons and image files in your Gallery which you not at all wish to share with anyone you hand your phone to.
  • To overcome this problem, QuickPic added an exclude option which lets you exclude these folders from the image browser. For that you simply need to click and hold on one of the image you dont want anyone to see, and choose Exclude. You can remove that folder from the Excluded list using the settings option.
  • If you want only few folders to be included in your gallery, you can use the include option which is specially added when you want to view only some specific images. This helps in avoiding the scanning of all the images present on the SD card.
  • With Quickpic, you can easily rotate or crop any picture which you might require often, instead of wasting time in using any separate application for that.
  • Quickpic is so fast that you just no need to wait for the images to appear, refresh, or for rebuilding thumbnails like in the default stock Gallery. It scans all the images present on the SD card and quickly shows them in just less than a second.
  • There are many new features added in the updated version of Quickpic which includes automatic screen orientation, hiding the status bar for giving full screen effect, new themes, opening the application on the last viewed folder instead of main browser.
  • Most of us like to view all the photos especially in the landscape mode as they look more adorable, but always enabling the screen orientation option from the settings is quite frustrating. Here the automatic screen orientation option in Quickpic helps a lot. Once enabled the entire interface of Quickpic works in a landscape mode. It is definitely a killer feature for those with no accelerometer or for those who have disabled the screen orientation.
  • The only negative side of this app is its interface which is quite boring as compared to your default stock Gallery. But if speed for browsing pictures is the only beauty for you then you should not worry about its negative aspects.

In Quickpic you get no new cool features, no changing angles, only thing you get is its killer speed.

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