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With all the buzz around the social media, Pokemon go is already popular enough. The game is amazing in its own way; it might not be as good in graphics as Fallout, or asphalt, but is engaging as hell, the same is the reasons for its huge follow up by the users. It’s definitely not like the games you might have played till now, it is a game changer, which might revolutionize the ways games are made. It is developed by a bunch of game maker, under the game engine created by Niantic Inc, which has been used in Ingress too.


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The Basics

Pokemon Go can be played on the go, virtually anywhere in the world. It uses the google maps to model the real world places. You have to physically go out in the real world, to be able to catch Pokémon’s, quite like in the original series. The same is the biggest reason for its huge success and so much of buzz among the users.

There are varied types of Pokémon’s which you can see in this game. However, their presence is quite a matter of debate now, as it is quite uncertain where a specific Pokemon can be found. Mostly, Pokémon’s are found in large quantities in rural areas. The game offers augmented reality, wherein Pokémon’s are seen floating on the picture before you. This works quite smooth and doesn’t take much of your phone’s resource, as was predicted earlier.

To catch a Pokemon, you just have to throw a Pokemon towards it, so that it strikes on their head. This can be a perfect shot if you can just make the focus circle appear as small as possible. The Pokemon will then be inside your Pokeball. No fight is included here, however, it is expected that combat mode might add here too in future.

Combat mode is only available in the gyms, which can be found in the popular places. So, next time you are heading to a shopping center, making sure to fill your battery. Gyms, essentially consist of Pokemon trainers; with one being the gym leader. The gyms here follows a hierarchical model, where you have to fight with all the members, down the hierarchy; gym leaders comes in the end. Upon defeating the gym leader, you can be a leader of the same gym.


The Pokémon’s here can be evolved to new species too; however, this doesn’t happen automatically. There are varied colored balls present in the game, which is specific to the Pokemon. You will need these in good quantity to evolve your Pokémon’s.

How To Play On PC?

  • Download Nox App Player
  • Install the same!
  • Open it, search for ‘Pokemon Go’. When found download and install.
  • If the game is not launched in your country, try installing using APK file of the game.

The only things you will need now is the GPS faker application. This is an essential part, as you will be stationary when playing on your desktop or laptop, the however game requires you to move constantly. Such applications will fake you GPS location, which you can change after a definite amount of time.

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