Opera Mobile 12.1 – A Smother, Safer and Faster Web Browser for Android

Internet browsing is one of essential needs of all people who are using smartphones and here goes Opera Mobile on android for faster browsing experience. With latest version 12.1, it is available for free in Google Play store. Opera Mobile is mainly known for features like the ability to dynamically reformat web pages to better fit the handheld’s display using small screen rendering technology. Alternatively, the user may use page zooming for a closer or broader look. But now it gets better.

Now opera browser also gets some wider supports and also SPDY (SPDY is pronounced as speedy). They are introducing SPDY on opera 12.1 desktop beta and also HTTP made protocol into the Opera mobile version. New protocol is improved and SPDY makes fetching webpages more efficient while communicating. Twitter and Gmail are two early adopters of SPDY which is really fast.

The company has claimed that page loading time on browser is on average 23% reduced on Galaxy Nexus. 3G and 4G networks can give even better results. But the new browser is also designed for users on a slow network or for those who are not able to spend a lot of money for high speed internet connections.

Safer Browsing

Safety comes first and browsing is safer now because Opera added new fraud detection feature. So while browsing fraud detection system tells you when webpage has been marked as used for illegal activity or suspicious work. If you get such a warning before entering in website then you have to think twice about visiting it. They have added Websocket to enhance look of content which you see. With Websocket you can have top notch access to the web service. It improves two way communications between Android device and web server of application. They have also added HTML5 goodies like HTML5 drag and drop, HTML5 clipboardAPI which contains text and pictures. These features help web developers to connect better surfers device.

Lets have a look at some of its key features:

  • Great user experience.
  • With support for Twitter and Facebook built in, sharing is a snap.
  • Opera Turbo to help save on data cost.
  • Sync your bookmarks across devices with Opera Link.
  • Easy tab management with visual tabs.
  • Opera Presto rendering engine.
  • Geo-location support.
  • SVG support.
  • CSS features, CSS Animation and Flexbox Support.

Improved features:

  • Updated media Queries implementation
  • Added partial support for HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • Added support for HTML5 clipboard AIP and events
  • Added support for SPDY protocol
  • Support CPU filtering in Google play store
  • Reduces binary size

They have not only added new features but also improved some old ones. Like on particular note, the Opera Turbo feature to speed up the web experience on Android devices and several minor bug fixes are also there.They have also worked on reducing the amount of mobile broadband data use. It looks really nice and working is really very fast.

It is worth giving a try. Grab it now for free from here.

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