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In this ever changing world, news comes up in a matter of seconds. In such a fast paced world, it is quite cumbersome to keep yourself updated with the latest news. You cannot have a TV in your pocket, neither is it possible to carry newspaper everywhere. In such a case, you need a mobile application that can serve your needs. News360 is a perfect application in such a case. News360 is a news app, which is developed for mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. It is a perfect application, which would allow you to read all the news articles, instantly and without even spending a penny, apart from a working internet connection. The main speciality of the app is that, it is pocket sized and eventually you do not have to carry additional sources such as Books, Newspaper, and Magazines etc. to read stuffs on the go.


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News360 initially appeared in the market in July, 2010. It was a one of a kind app, when it was introduced by the developers. It was developed by News360 Ltd. Firstly, it was developed for Windows 7 devices in 2010. Later as its fan base grew bigger, it was developed for other popular mobile operating systems including Windows Phone 8, iOS and android. This app utilizes RSS feeds to gather articles and news elements from around the web. It’s very first version was quite buggy and was soon replaced by an updated version, which concluded of more specialized feeds and news articles. Next version was a very important update as it allowed to create custom feeds, and users can now individually create new feeds with adding new news sources.

How It Works?

Basically, this application is totally based on social media and other authority websites. In case you have already been using Google News, then you might not consider the app any new. Although, to add a degree of uniqueness to the application a term Semantic-Analysis was brought to play. This specifically builds a database according to your reading habits and then presents the feed created only for you. This was quite a unique feature, which was not found on Google News. Rest of the things which aggregates the news stuff are same.

In case you are eager to know what this semantic analysis is. And how it works? Well, this is just a utility of trackers; which have been in the use since the introduction of the web itself, by the government authorities. This tracking system or semantic system continually monitors your history, browsed paths, what you have read and even your location; and presents a custom feed based on the listed criteria’s.

To get started with the app, you will first need to register yourself with the community. This can be done using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover if you instantly want to get what you like, go with the social connect option. The app will then build the database and present you a more productive feed.

How To Run On PC?

Follow steps to run it on PC:


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  1. Download Bluestacks offline installer and install it.
  2. Open the Bluestack and search for ‘News360’.
  3. When found, click on install button in Playstore.
  4. Now wait, till it installs itself.

Once done, navigate to All Apps sections of emulator itself and start getting updated with latest happenings!

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