Moto 360 vs LG G Watch – Android Wear Comparison

In year 2014, many Android Wears are going to hit the market. Android Wear is an Android OS version which is designed specially for watches and other wearable. LG and Motorola have already revealed their first Android Wears. Although the concept is not ready, as Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble are already on the market, but LG and Motorola will be offering good features and are have attractive look. Let’s face-off both the devices in order to know which device is better and which device should we choose. Let me tell you one thing that some hardware specs and features of both the devices are yet to be revealed, but that doesn’t make any issue, because we know fair enough basic features to compare them. Let’s proceed.


Motorola Moto 360:

Well, as far as the look is concerned, I think this is the best among all the smart-watches. Motorola has given a very classic look to the watch. It has round shape with a button on its side. It will come in two types, one with leather belt and another with a classic metal belt. Design wise it is really gorgeous and its round shape makes it convenient when thinking about orientation. It will be having a beautiful round OLED display which consumes around 40% less battery than LCD display.


Motorola is using  Sapphire glass which is a scratch resistant material used to protect expensive watches. This might increase its price. Motorola is going to reveal a new technology for charging this smart-watch. Motorola is not providing any USB port, instead they are providing a new technology of wireless charging. Absence of USB port makes watch more attractive.

Almost all the operations will be done by voice commands. When you want to give a command, just say “OK Google” and the watch will listen you. This watch will show you notifications, weather updates, news, etc. very easily and will act as a normal watch, naturally, showing you time. Rumors are saying that Moto 360 will be launched in this July and it will cost around $299.

LG G Watch:

LG has recently revealed a video of its first Android Wear smart-watch, LG G watch. Google has promoted this watch in its Android Wear debut video, but has not received much attention as Moto 360. It terms of looks, Moto 360 is better than LG G Watch. It is square in shape which a similar to Galaxy Gear, thus doesn’t impress in the competition. Unlike Galaxy Gear, it will be compatible to many android devices.


Size and quality of display is not revealed yet. Also the quality of wrist band has not been revealed yet. It will be available in two colors – black and white with white strapped option featuring a gold frame to the body. Like Moto 360, it’s not having USB charging, but will be featuring a propriety five charging mount which requires a special cable and a full charging dock. It will be water and dust resistant which makes it handy to use during trips and sports activities.

It’s major working is also based on voice commands like Moto 360 and you will have to say “OK Google” to make it active. Providing you notifications, maps, weather updates as your wrist, this watch also include some inbuilt sensors, such as gyroscope and accelerometer to track location in a better way. This device is not having any inbuilt camera. According to rumors, its price will be around $300.


Here we have seen first two Android Wears and their features. Keep in mind that we are not aware of all the specs and features of them. But, at a glance, Motorola Moto 360 seems to be winner. Moto 360 is better in looks than LG G Watch. It is also convenient to use. As said by Motorola, they are providing a new wireless charging technology for Moto 360, also they are promising better battery life. So, Moto 360 is the winner here.

Let’s wait for all the hardware specs and features of both the watches to make the final conclusion.

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