Modern Combat 4 for PC (Windows XP/7/8)

Modern combat is one of the most loved video game series ever, developed by Gameloft Montreal. Modern combat 4: zero hour is a FPS game where user try to kill enemies. A variety of weapons are available; some of them are ready to use, for some you will have to clear levels. The game is available for android and iOS platform but you can also enjoy it now in your pc.

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Gameplay and Story

The story of game revolves around terrorist attack on USA by former American soldier Edward Page. You will play as American soldier fighting against terror and Page also. The gameplay of modern combat remains same. It is first man shooter game but it has following addition mission in which user will operate unmanned vehicle and will be directing and guiding drones also. Most of the mission in game are gun action but there are moments when user will use sniper and rocket launcher. Action sequence of game are excellent, user will feel they are playing game on console not mobile due to enrich visual effects. User will always have at least one teammate by their side, which will help them to take enemies down and give you cover in battlefield. Game offers around twenty one guns; beside gun, user will get knives and grenades for throwing. Other equipments include silencers and large magazines. User can carry three guns at a time and grenades, but one can buy additional items by earning points. Items which can be bought by points are health kits, extra grenades and vest for safety. Game has many different levels, mission and checkpoints in it. One can begin its game from last saved check point. There are some missions where you will play as villain Edward Page. Besides story mode game also has quick play and multiplayer mode, where you can fight against other players. Multi player mode also give access to play death matches between twelve players or one can also join other players in objective modes.


Graphics of game are jaw dropping, it provide spectacular visuals effects and great sound mixing, effects of audio seems quite real which make game more interesting. Sound of guns and explosion are mind blowing, but dialogue and action are quite aggressive at some part of game. Controls of game are easy, auto fire and crosshair mode is also available which can be disabled for difficulty level. Game also has customization mode, where player can updates its weapon, skills and other equipments.

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How to download modern combat 4 on pc

Game is available for android and iOS but, one can now enjoy their favourite first man shooting game on pc by using android emulator. There are many kind of android emulator available in market, but we suggest you to use Bluestacks. You can download Bluestacks from our website, download it and install it. Once it is installed you can search modern combat 4 in it, now download and install it and you are ready to kill your enemies.

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