Make Statusbar Transparent & Change it according to App color

Have you ever thought of making your device’s Statusbar transparent? Do you want to see it changing according to your app color? If the answer is yes then this article is exactly what you’re looking for. Now you might think that performing these kind of stuff require some sort of complex knowledge of programing. Absolutely not Sir! You’re totally wrong. Transparency and color changing mod of Statusbar can be easily achieved using a simple yet powerful app called Xposed Framework. Just install it like any other apk and follow rest of the procedure mentioned in this guide to achieve the desired results.

So, let’s begin with the tutorial. Firstly, go through the Pre-requisites section, ensure that your device full fills all those requirements and then proceed further.


  • You phone must have a root access.
  • Make sure your device is running Android 4.0.3 or above.


  • Download Xposed Framework from here:
  1. Xposed Framework for Android.
  • For Transparent Statusbar, download XBlast Tools module for Xposed:
  1. XBlast Tools for Xposed (Transparent Statusbar).
  • For changing status bar color according to app color, download Tinted Statusbar Module:
  1. Tinted Statusbar for Xposed.

How to make status bar transparent

  • Install the Xposed Framework app like any other apk file.
  • Open Xposed Installer and select ‘Framework’ option and then on next window, select ‘Install/Update’. Reboot the phone to activate the framework.

Xposed Module 7

  • Now, install the XBlast Tools module (install it like a normal apk) that you’ve downloaded from the downloads section.
  • After successfully installing the XBlast Tools module, open Xposed Installer app and select ‘Modules‘ option & tick XBlast Tools.

Xposed Modules 4

  • Restart the phone to activate the XBlast Tools module.
  • Now, open XBlast Tools app and select first option in the list i.e. Statusbar.

Xposed Modules 3

  • In Statusbar menu, tick against ‘Statusbar Background Color‘ and select the color you want to have for your Statusbar. For Transparency, enter #00000000 in Hex code field and hit the bottom right corner button (refer the image below).

Xposed Modules 8

  • Finally reboot the phone and enjoy transparent Statusbar on your homescreen.

Note: This will make your Homescreen statusbar transparent. It may or may not do the same on lockscreen. If you want a transparent statusbar on lockscreen as well then you’ll have to edit android.policy.jar file from /system/framework folder (ROM must be deodexed). If you don’t know the editing stuff, better you drop a comment below and I’ll do it for you.

How to Change Statusbar color according to the App

  • Download & install Xposed Framework app (link is given in the downloads section).
  • Open Xposed Installer and select ‘Framework’ option and then on next window, select ‘Install/Update’. Reboot the phone to activate the framework.
  • Also, download Tinted Statusbar module for Xposed framework (refer downloads section for downloading link).
  • After successful installation of Tinted Statusbar module, open Xposed Installer app and select ‘Modules‘ option & tick against ‘Tinted Statusbar’.

Xposed Modules 1

  • Activate the module by rebooting a device and see the magic yourself.

Xposed Module 9

Note: If you want to disable this module for some particular apps, you can do so by opening Tinted Statusbar app and using the application interface of the same.

And Done!

Lastly, there are lots things you can do with the Xposed Framework (like we’ve seen for Statusbar) by using various modules. Just hit the ‘Download’ section of Xposed Installer app and you’ll have plenty of them for various functions. Good Luck!

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