Make Cocktails and Mix Drinks with an Android App

Going out to a bar or lounge just for a drink is one of the most pleasurable things ever! The other night when I and my girlfriend met to have a martini, I was slapped with a $ 50! Man it was quite expensive for me. Also during birthdays, weddings, dinner party and holidays, a great way of celebration which most of the people prefers is by having a few drinks like cocktails, spirits, or just a cold beer. Such celebration can be much expensive sometimes. The life of a liquor addict person will become soon difficult due to such costly drinks. It would be much better if you can make and enjoy every kind of drink at home. This would not only save your money but you can also experience all those drinks which you probably haven’t tried yet.

This is where an Android app named Swizzle can help you out. This app can help you create some amazing drinks. This way you can unveil a world of mixed drinks and cocktails which will in turn let you play the role of bartender or mixologist. Whether you’re at home with your own bar or at a friend’s house, with this app you can certainly win many hearts of course by some delicious drinks.


You’ll get over 16,250 recipes in this single app. No other app comes close to having this many recipes. You can access cocktail recipes, non alcoholic and virgin drink recipes, smoothies, coffee drinks and much more. The application features beautifully presented drink recipes with step by step guides and is packed with features you’ll love whether you’re a novice bartender or a professional mixologist. Cocktail recipes are continuously being added both as expanding existing cocktail packages and introducing new ones.

You can search for recipes by name, ingredients or drink categories. In the Cabinet option, you can mark all those cocktail ingredients that you’ve at home. Thus you can analyze what drinks you can make from them. The cabinet contains a large number of spirits, liquors and mixers. More ingredients will be added when new packages are installed. In shopping list option, you can list all the ingredients to buy before preparing new drink recipes. This way you can have an initial idea of money you’ll need for the same.


The various types of categories you’ll find in this app are alcoholic, non-alcoholic and optional. And in sub categories you find Beer, cocktail, cocoa, coffee, homemade liquor, milk shake, ordinary drink and much more. There is also an option available in this app for creating your own drink recipe. You just need to give a name to that item, mention its category, type of glass and the ingredients needed. Some of its more features are listed below. Check them out.


  • Store your ingredients inventory in ‘My Cabinet’.
  • Clone and modify recipes to your personal taste and save.
  • Add ingredients to shopping list.
  • Rate recipes.
  • Add recipes to your favorites.
  • Add recipes to the ‘to try’ list.
  • Share recipes via Facebook, Twitter, text message, email, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Say cheers to the free Swizzle Drink Recipes app that can help anyone make cocktails and mix drinks. It’s time for cocktails! 🙂

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