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Many people today have a craze to learn hacking. But not all of them are successful to learn it. The reason may be that they are not at all aware or familiar with it. Or it may be that the data regarding hacking is not properly conveyed to them.

Today there are many apps available on Play Store for learning to hack but only a few are useful. One amongst them is Hackers Manual and Tech Alerts. As its name only suggest that is provides the manually hacking concepts along with the technical alerts.

Hackers Manual provides step by step information regarding the hacking techniques which includes how to hack Wi-Fi, Facebook and computer etc. For better understanding it has got many pictures and videos related to the stuff. If you’re unaware of any of the hacking techniques then there is a Beginner level equipped in it. This will en-power the newer ones, so they can conquer the difficulties without stucking in the middle of any tutorial. If you already know about hacking then use the Advanced level.

An automatic alert warning will be given when malware emails are being spread. So basically you don’t just learn hacking, you learn how things work.

This App gives a broad spectrum of information and relevant news in the tech/hack work. You will get to know about how the world is going to a technological point through the latest tech news alerts that this app provides.

It can boost your hacking potentials through the tons of features in it.


  • Included Hackers Dictionary for conquering over the difficulties with the common terms that are used in this field.
  • Provides info on how to keep you anonymous during the course of hacking.
  • Included basic Configurations and Tools that are required for hacking.
  • Gives strong Introduction to Trojans and Remote Administration Tools (RATS).
  • Gives basic inforation regarding the Keyloggers.
  • It teaches the way to safely keep you out from other hackers.
  • Have tutorials to view unsecured security cameras.
  • Added Tutorial for cracking WPA/WPA2 Wifi password.
  • Have tricks for hacking Facebook accounts inside your LAN.
  • Includes tutorials on Website Hacking (Using SQLi to Rooting).
  • FUD Virus using Hexxing.
  • Provides techniques for hacking Remote PC using Backtrack.
  • Added Facebook sharing.
  • Provides instructions for hacking any Software.
  • Have tricks for getting free accounts on any Website.
  • Includes SQLi Basics for detailed basic SQL injection attack.
  • Added Support for automatic menus. So users don’t need to update their application when a new tutorial has been added.
  • It is regularly updated with new tutorials.
  • Includes SQLi Advanced for advanced SQL injection attack.
  • Added Rewards for the users.
  • Tricks for cracking WEP using Window which is the easiest way than Linux.

After launching the App, it briefly introduces you to the world of Hackers. Also a random quote related to hacking will be displayed every time for giving you a little motivation. Below that you’ll see the terms and conditions of using the App. You can read them and press proceed. Then you’ll come across four columns: Tutorials, news, rewards and chat.


  • In Tutorials section, there are sub-options which includes Beginners, advanced, tools & programs, website & forums and Wi-Fi hacking.


  • Further in the news section, as discussed above you’ll be provided with latest tech news for finding the latest trends in technology.


  • One of the lucky users of Hackers manual will be rewarded a copy of ‘Make $7 everyday even while you are sleeping’ eBook worth $15. If you’re not interested in having this eBook, a reward of $3 will be given on your request. In case you’re opting cash you need to provide a proper valid PayPal account.


  • If you’re getting troubles or have any issue related to the hacking techniques given then you can freely discuss them on Chat room included in the App. The author will help to fix them.


  • The hackers Dictionary provided includes some basic frequently used words, their meaning and acronyms.


Even though if you’re not interested in using this app, it still helps you by giving warning for the malicious software during installation. This is the biggest advantage of the App.

The tutorials that are updated every day are very pertinent to daily web use and can help the beginner hacker find the right info.

Also the data that is conveyed through these articles in the app will definitely prove to be an important force over the next few years. This App is only meant for Educational purpose. So neither we nor the developer will be responsible if you get into trouble via this App.

So you’re getting tons of hackers stuff to learn and all for free. You must definitely try it out.

Download Hackers Manual + Tech Alerts

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