Kingdom Rush For PC

Kingdom rush is single player tower defence game, by Ironhide Game Studios and published under Armour Games. The game is available for android, iOS, Windows and Linux. The game was first released in 2011. The game was one of the trending game at that time and there are so many updates available for this game.


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The game is setup in medieval age. There are many plots, where player can build towers. There are four different types of towers which the player can build. They are Mage, Archers, Barracks, and Artillery. There will be some monsters in the game. The main goal of this game is to defend your path by killing these monsters and not letting them to cross the path.

At the starting of each level the player is provided with some money. This money can be used to buy towers. Then the monsters will come and you should kill them with these towers. Killing monsters will also generate some money. This money can further be used to upgrade your towers. Some towers will be more effective in killing a certain type of monsters. So in a logical way, build towers in accordance to easily win the game.

There are a total of eighteen levels and forty eight different types of monsters in this game. After the successful completion of these eighteen levels in heroic mode, iron challenge will be unlocked. These levels are much harder than the ordinary levels. Winning each level gives you one to three stars according to your performance at that level. These stars can be used to upgrade your strength and skills or to upgrade the tower.

How To Play In Your PC:

If you are fed up playing mobile games in smaller screens and want to play them on your big screen PC, then don’t worry as you can play your favourite android games in PC. The only thing you need for this is an emulator installed in your computer. There are so many paid and free emulators available. Here we are going to use an emulator called Bluestacks. It is a freeware and it has a simple user interface. Now follow the below steps to play the game kingdom rush on your PC.


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  1. First download and install Bluestacks in your PC. While downloading, download the latest version of the software.
  2. Bluestacks has a nice searching tool. With this searching tool search for the game kingdom rush.
  3. If found then start to download the game. After the completion of the download process. It will automatically start to install in your system.
  4. After the installation process, go to all apps section of the Blueatacks and launch the game from there.

With this method you can also play many other mobile games and apps on your PC. So don’t waste your time and start playing kingdom rush on your PC. While playing on the PC there are some other advantages like you can enjoy your game on a bigger screen and you can also utilize the sound and graphics facilities of your PC during the game play. So, if you’re eager enough to get this awesome game for killing boredom, hit the download button below!

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