JBED- Run Java Apps and Games on your Android Smartphone

The new world of technology has made all the worldwide users to attract towards android smartphones. Hence users have been shifting from old java or Symbian phones to the new android based smartphones. But due to some amazing java apps and games (.jar or .jad) there are many people who still stick to their J2ME phones. This is simply because they dont want to lose their favorite java games and apps. Even there are many J2ME apps whose android version has yet not been released.

So keeping this problem in mind we are bringing this article which you will love to read. If you will follow the steps given below then it may be possible that you can enjoy all your java apps and games on your android device.

By default Android devices cannot run java apps. So we bring before you JBED an app that will let you run any Java/J2ME/MIDP games and applications on your android smartphones. Basically Jbed is an Android Java Emulator. Using a signed package for easy installation you can flash it in ClockWorkMod recovery version 2, 3, and 4. Once you have downloaded and installed Jbed in your android device all you need to do is install any .jar/.jad file into your device.

NOTE: Instead of naming Jbed this app appears as Java in your apps list.

As by default Android is built to install only .apk files you will not be able to use the normal installer to install your .jar/.jad apps. For solving this problem I suggest that you should use any file browsing app and navigate to the directory of your .jar/.jad file. After doing this you will be asked as complete action using. Then select Java from the apps list displayed. This time you will be warned that the app you are installing is untrusted. Just continue anyway by clicking on ok. For launching an app you just need to navigate to java in your apps list and select the exact app. And here you go. You will be surprised that your best ever java games and apps run successfully on your android device.

This app was tested on Galaxy S/S2/S3 and I guaranty that it should be compatible with other devices as well. You can download it free from the link given below:

Download JBED for Android

If you have any queries regarding the app then dont hesitate to inform us in the comments section below.

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