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Java is a set of software programs and specifications developed by Sun Microsystems. Oracle Corporation later on acquired Sun Microsystems. Java programming language is used to develop application software across various platforms for computing. Java enables users to execute programs termed applets, which are written in Java programming language. These applets enhance online experience making it far superior and richer than simply interacting with static HTML pages. Java software is not specific to any operating system or processor. Java is widely used in embedded devices, mobile phones, servers and even supercomputers. This has made Java an essential part of computing and it supports millions of computing devices worldwide.


Java Runtime Environment is a virtual computing environment created to execute Java Script and to run computational devices. The Java Runtime Environment, JRE distributed by Oracle, comprises of a Java Virtual Machine, VM, also called a Hotspot, browser plugin, Java standard Libraries and a configuration tool. It is a very common Runtime Environment available on most of the devices using windows Operating System.

Importance of Java Runtime Environment

Java language is a cross platform tool used across various computational devices. Websites, servers, computers, mobile devices, navigation systems, webcams, printers, Blu-Ray players, medical equipment’s and other computational devices extensively use Java software. It is also used for developing gaming and other applications. It is therefore imperative that all devices support execution of Java script. Java Runtime Environment provides the necessary support system for execution of java across platforms. JRE, enables every computational device to easily execute Java enabled games, programs or apps. JRE is thus a critical component for usage of java enabled programs and applications to run across platforms and devices.


Java Runtime Environment, JRE is a useful tool for programmers also. It facilitates the programmers to develop, test and share various programs and applications across platforms.


A large number of software applications and websites do not work without installation of Java. More and more websites and applications are being created everyday using Java. Java is considered fast, secure, and reliable. Almost all laptops, data centres, gaming consoles, supercomputers, cell phones and Internet use Java. All these require JRE for use.

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is downloaded when Java software is downloaded. JRE consists of JVM or the Java Virtual Machine, core platform classes for Java, and a large collection of Java platform libraries. Runtime portion of Java software is JRE, and it is required to run it in Web browser.

JRE also has plugins to allow execution of Java applets in browsers so as to run the Java scripts over the internet. After installation, JRE automatically runs in the background. Whenever a Java application or applet is detected by the system, JRE assists in its execution.

Features of JRE

Java Runtime Environment is compatible with all operating system including Windows, Linux and Mac. The software supports all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera. The program is very easy to install. Users can easily install the program by following instructions on the screen.


Java Runtime Environment is a part of Java platform. Java Runtime Environment should not be confused with Java platform. Java platform is a general thing, and Java Runtime Environment is a component of this platform, just like the Java Development Kit. Java Runtime Environment is required by all computational devices for running Java programs and applets. As Java is a widely used programming language across platforms it is almost necessary for all the platforms to have JRE installed. JRE is an easy to install software program compatible with almost all operating system and works well with all the major browsers.

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