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Internet Download Manager is an efficient application that assists a user to carry out the tasks of downloading files from internet. A need for the manager was felt because the download process was very time consuming and erratic. The manager can be given instructions to download files as per a laid down schedule while according freedom to the user to do some other tasks. There are a number of download managers available these days. Out of these downloader, the “Internet Download Manager” is widely considered to be one of the best download managers available online.

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The manager is especially of great use in developing countries where the electricity supply is prone to frequent disruptions. It is also very useful in unstable internet connection conditions where downloads are frequently disturbed thus making it popular with travellers.

Key Features

Internet Download Manager works well with almost all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, AOL, MSN, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Avant Browser, etc. The Manager can work with various versions whether old or new, of these browsers.

The application does not require the user to do anything except click on download link in the browser and thereafter the manager takes over the task of download. The links for download or downloaded files can be dragged and dropped in the manager or from manager to other destinations respectively. The manager also ensures that downloads are free from virus by carrying out automatic anti- virus checks during the download.

The software can accelerate the speed of downloads up to five times by using dynamic file segmentation technology through optimal utilisation of available internet connection resources. It also allows the resumption of downloads from the point where the download was disrupted because of various reasons of system failure, power failure or disruption of internet connection. These features make downloads faster, enhance reliability, improve efficiency and cut costs to the users.

The manager can categorise all downloads under different laid down categories by the user. The user is thus freed from the tedious tasks of manual categorisation of downloads.

This software also has an internal built in scheduler. This allows your system to connect to the internet at a particular time, download files and disconnect from the internet. It is also possible to create queues for downloading using the manager. This leads to faster downloads at times when the band width is free.

Internet Download Manager is widely used across the world as it is multilingual and can be accessed by users in many world languages. The interface of the manager can be customised for use by the user.

Some problems of corruption of data during download have also been reported as the Download manager programs conflict with other programs like firewall, anti-virus and internal security programs. However, these can be easily resolved through fresh installation of the programs.


Internet Download Manager is an effective application for efficiently carrying out the task of downloads from internet and store these as per the laid down categories. It not only saves efforts on part of the user but also helps in cost reduction through optimal use of internet connectivity. This leads to reduction in wastage of available band width and optimal use of available resources.

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