Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy Note 2 N7100

Samsung’slatest and most awaited phablet Galaxy Note 2 is now available in market. And here is a great news for all Note 2 users, development of custom recoveries and other hacks is now going on for this device. Custom recoveries play major roll in installing custom ROMs and other hacks. So if you want to install custom ROMs first you have to get a custom recovery.

Just likeCWM(Clockworkmod Recovery), TWRP recovery is also used to flash ROMs, take backup of your current ROM, restore a backup, wipe data/factory reset etc. Here are some features of TWRP Recovery:

  1. Faster backups and restore than CWM.
  2. Touchscreen driven with real buttons and drag-to-scroll.
  3. Settings are saved to the sdcard and persist through reboots.
  4. Ability to choose to compress backups.
  5. On-screen keyboard in recovery!

Further in this article we have discussed how to install TWRP recovery on Galaxy Note 2

Disclaimer: The procedure discussed further in this article is considered as risky and can cause damage to your phone. You should not go for it if you are unaware of things discussed in it. Please follow this guide completely at your own risk. If any damage happened to your device while following this guide, neither we nor developer should be held responsible for it.


This guide is applicable only forSamsungGalaxy Note 2having model numberN7100. Trying it on other variants of Note 2 or on any other device, can cause damage to your phone.


  • Battery of your phone must be at least 70% charged in order to haveuninterrupted installation proceess.
  • It is recommended to take a backup of all important data like SMS/MMS, APN, contacts etc. since it can be restored back if anything goes wrong during the installation.
  • In order to use USB debugging mode on your phone, device specific drivers must be installed on your computer. You can install the same by installingSamsung Kies.To download it manually,click here.

Procedure to Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 :

  • Download flashing program (Odin Multi Downloader v3.07) & TWRP Recovery Package from the links mentioned below :
  1. Odin Multi Downloader v3.07
  2. TWRP Recovery Galaxy Note 2
  • Extract the content given inodin3_v3.07.zipin a specific folder.
  • Now turn off your phone. In order to flash the recovery, you need to enter into the downloadingmode. Downloadingmode can be entered by HoldingPower Key+Volume Down Button+Home Buttonsimultaneously.
  • After entering into the downloadingmode, youll see Downloading.. text in yellow. Keeping your phone in downloadingmode, connect it to the PC.
  • Open Odin Multi Downloader which youve just downloaded. If your device is properly connected then youll see that the ID:COM section has been turned blue. (If it is not then you need to install proper drivers of your phoneORsimply installSamsung Kiesfrom the CD which youve got at the time of purchase).

Odin 3.07 Device Added AL

  • In Odin, select PDA & chooseopenrecovery-twrp- Keep all the remaining things as they are.
  • Important!!Make sure thatRe-Partitioncheck box is not selected.
  • Now simply pressStartbutton to initiate flashing process. It will hardly take few minutes to get over.
  • As soon as Odin finished the process, ID:COM section will turn Green & will show Pass in the box above ID:COM section.
  • Disconnect your phone from PC.
  • If at any stage Odin gets stuck or you getFAILEDmessage disconnect your phone from PC. Close Odin software. Remove the battery from phone and re-insert it. Again boot into downloading mode and follow same procedure.

Congratulations!! You have successfully installed TWRP Recovery on your Galaxy Note 2. Now you can flash various custom ROMs on your phone.Do let us know how it is working for you. If you have got any doubt, feel free to ask it in the commentsbelow. We will try our best to solve it.

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