Install Galaxy S4, Note 3 & LG Optimus G Lockscreen on any Android Device

If you’ve been searching for lock screen replacement for your Android device and want its lock screen to look like Galaxy S4’s Lens Flare, Note 3’s Watercolor and LG Optimus G’s Dew Drop then your search finishes just right here. Today, we’ve come up with the two apps that you’d definitely love to have in your smartphone as they will totally replace your stock lock screen with the lock screen effect you choose. These two apps namely “Galaxy Locker” & “LG Optimus Lockscreen” are developed by XDA Senior Member ‘-Aatif-‘, big kudos to him.

Unlike any other lock screen apps (named with Galaxy S4 Lockscreen, Note 3 Lockscreen etc.), these 2 apps keep their promise and include totally similar effects to that on Galaxy S4, Note 3 and Optimus G. The main thing about these apps is – they don’t require your device to be rooted to use these effects. However, ‘DewDrop 3D’ effect from “LG Optimus Lockscreen” app requires a root access but still, it’s worth to root the phone for this cause 😉

You can enjoy these apps on your smartphone but the only thing is – it should be running Android 4.0 and above. You can install them on Custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod, AOKP, Omni etc. as well. Now, let’s look at the customization options these apps offer.

Customization Settings available in Galaxy Locker App

  • Galaxy Locker has several customization options for the lock screen effects. It basically has 3 effects to choose from:
  1. Galaxy S4’s Lens Flare Effect.
  2. Galaxy Note 2’s Water Ripple Effect.
  3. Galaxy Note 3’s Watercolor Effect.

Galaxy Note 3 Watercolor Effect LockscreenGalaxy Note 3’s Watercolor Effect

  • If you select Lens Flare as your lock screen effect then the app enables 3 more additional themes for the same:
  1. Lens Flare (Default).
  2. Red Blood.
  3. Blue Rings.
  4. Lightning.

Galaxy S4 Lensflare LockscreenGalaxy S4’s Lens Flare Lockscreen Effect

  • Ripple effect offers several ink effects upon selection.
  • In personalization settings, you can change the lock screen wallpaper, personal message (default is life companion), font style, size & alignment of the personal message, clock font, size & alignment, carrier text etc.
  • You can enable / disable lock sound for various effects. You can even set your own media as a lockscreen sound.
  • Like Samsung’s stock lock screen, you can set up to 5 shortcuts on your device’s lock screen. Missed call and Message notifications can also be viewed on the lock screen upon activation.
  • Status bar can be hidden on lock screen using status bar settings. If you’ve enabled home screen status bar transparency using some mod then this app enables it for lock screen as well.

Galaxy Locker SettingsGalaxy Locker’s Settings Menu

Tip: Disable your system lock screen (Swipe, Pattern, Password etc.) to prevent multiple lock screens.

Customization Settings available in LG Optimus Lockscreen App

  • Similar to Galaxy Locker, LG Optimus Lockscreen app offers 3 effects to choose from:
  1. DewDrop 3D Effect (Requires Root access).
  2. Ripple Effect.
  3. Whitehole Effect.
  • All other settings found in this app are similar to Galaxy Locker app. Personally, I found this app a little laggy on my Galaxy Note 2. It may work better for you. Give it a try.

LG Optimus DewDrop Effect

LG Optimus G’s DewDrop Lockscreen Effect

LG Optimus Ripple EffectRipple Effect (One of my favorite)

LG Optimus Whitehole EffectLighthole Effect

LG Optimus Lockscreen SettingsLG Optimus Lockscreen Setting’s Menu

Download and Installation

  • Download both apps from Play Store (links are given below) and install them as a normal apk. Make sure to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option if downloaded from different source than Play Store. Enjoy..!
  1. Download Galaxy Locker (Galaxy S4 / Note 2 / Note 3 Lockscreen App).
  1. Download LG Optimus Lockscreen (LG Optimus G Lockscreen App).

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