Install Android 4.1.2 XWLSH Jelly Bean Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

Last year Samsung announced the list of devices which would receive official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. And after the release of their iconic device Galaxy S4, Samsung has started rolling out this update. As a result of which XWLSH firmware is released in Australia for Galaxy S2.

Though this update is available only in Australia, you can update your device in any country as long as your model number is same.Since this is an official firmware the possibility of presence of any bug is negligible, you should go for it without any hesitation.

Let’s have a look at the some of the features of this firmware:

  • Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
  • TouchWiz Nature UX
  • New Lockscreen With Many Customization Options
  • New Features like Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play
  • New Widgets (From Galaxy S III)
  • 2 Home screen modes
  • New Notification bar With More Notification Toggles
  • Google Now

After watching this mouth-watering features, you will definitely tend to see it on your phone. So follow the few simple steps written ahead to install Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XWLSH firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100.

Disclaimer: The steps mentioned in the further article are considered as risky and can damage to your mobile. If you are newbie in this Android world then you should not go for it. Read article completely and carefully apply these to your mobile. We or developers are not responsible for any damage cause to your mobile after implementing these steps.

Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for Galaxy S2

This official update of Jelly Bean is compatible only for Samsung Galaxy S2 with model number I9100. Applying it to any other mobile or variant will give undesired result.


  • Charge your mobile at least up to 70% so that installation process wont get interrupted due to low battery.
  • Since all the data on the phone gets wiped during installation process, it is suggested that you should take a nandroid backup of all important data like SMS, MMS, APN, contacts etc. to the external memory card before proceeding ahead.
  • Ensure that you have installed mobile drivers on computer.

Procedure to install Android 4.1.2 XWLSH official Jelly Bean firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100:

  • First download Android 4.1.2 XWLSH official Jelly Bean firmware. Extract it in a new folder on computer.
  1. Click here to download.
  • For manually flashing of firmware, you will require a special tool known as Odin. It is official software of Samsung used for flashing the firmware. Download Odin 3.07 and install it on your computer. You can use mobile Odin also.
  1. Odin 3.07
  • Next switch off your mobile and boot it into downloading mode by pressing volume down + home button + power button simultaneously until mobile vibrates and shows downloading message on screen.
  • Now launch Odin 3.07 multi-downloader which you downloaded earlier. Connect mobile to PC via USB cable.
  • You will see that one of your ID:COM section is turned blue ensuring that mobile is detected. On the same time you will get Added!! message in Odins message box. If you dont get it, make sure that you have installed proper mobile drivers on your computer.
  • Click PDA button and select the CODE file. Ensure that Auto-Reboot and F.Reset Time is checked.
  • Dont click anywhere else in the Odin.
  • Finally hit the Start button to initialize installation. It will take few minutes for installation.
  • In the end your mobile gets rebooted automatically showing pass message in Odins message box.
  • If due to some reason your phone gets stuck or if you get fail message in Odins message box, then disconnect the mobile, remove and re-insert battery and repeat the above procedure again.

Well done!! Your Samsung Galaxy S2 is now running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XWLSH official firmware. Do share your experience about this firmware. You can ask you queries regarding procedure. We will try our level best to solve them.

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