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Cyanogenmod Team Talked About Jellybean & CM10

Since Google has released new version of Android 4.1 i.e. Jelly Bean, Everyone is looking that when do custom ROM makers Cyanogenmod are upgrading to CM10.The team led it to Google+ and although they hadn’t provided estimated time of arrival,they had provided a few details about the

Google To Sell Android Phones Directly

For quite some time, Googles line of Nexus phones have been sold through different carriers such as HTC for the Nexus One, Samsung for the Nexus S, and an upcoming 7 inch tablet of high quality to be manufactured by Asus which is rumored to introduce the

OneCloud Sync From Box is Now Available For Android Have Now Released Much Awaited OneCloud Sync Application For Google’s Android Platform. Earlier It Was Developed Only For Apple iPhones But From Now On They Are Supporting Android Platform Too. OneCloud Sync is All in One Solution That Keeps File Synced Even When Using 3rd Party

Flipboard Officially Launches On Android and Integrates Youtube

A Big week for Flipboards Google related announcements, the social magazine, launched its application on the Android platform including the Nook and the Kindle Fire. On 19th of June 2012, the company officially declared its Google+ integration. Other than the app, the organization would also adjoin with