How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879

Android is an open source OS & any Android user can do whatever he would like to do with his phone. Being an open source, it is a specialty of Android that you can root, install custom recovery & ROMs on your Android powered phone. Rooting enables user to access apps like Set CPU, Titanium Backup etc. which requires root permissions. Also, you can access/modify system files stored in the phone memory.

In this tutorial, we’ll be explaining : how one can root his/her T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879.

Disclaimer: The steps given in this article are considered to be risky & can cause damage to your device. You should not try to attempt these things if you aren’t aware of it. Please follow this guide completely at your own risk. If any damage happened to your device, we won’t be held liable for it.

Please note that, this guide is applicable only for T-Mobile Galaxy Note having model number SGH-T879. DON’T try it on any other device, it can cause damage to your phone.

Procedure to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879 :

  • Download the Pre-Rooted UVLG3 firmware image from the link mentioned below:
  1. Rooted UVLG3 firmware image
  • Download Odin Multi Downloader, which we’ll be required for flashing the rooted firmware.
  1. Odin 3.04
  • Switch off the phone completely. Enter into download mode. To do so, hold Volume down + Volume Up together. While holding both buttons, simply press Power key till you see the construction Android robot & a yellow triangle.
  • On PC, open Odin Multi Downloader tool on your Computer & connect the phone using USB cable.
  • If your phone is connected successfully, youll see that the ID:COM section (located at top left) is turned yellow with a random COM port number appeared below it. (If your ID:COM box doesnt turn yellow then you will need to install proper drivers for your device. For installation of drivers, use the CD you got at the time of purchase & install Kies software. You can download kies from here).
  • In Odin, select PDA tab & choosetmob-system.img.tar file. Keep all the remaining options as they are & make sure that Re-Partition box is not checked.
  • Press Start button to initiate flashing rooted UVLG3 firmware. When flashing process finishes successfully, youll get Pass message with the Green background & device will be restarted automatically.
  • Finally unplug the device from Computer.
  • Restart the phone & you’ll observe that, it has been rooted successfully.

You’ve successfully rooted your T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879. Now you can use apps which require Superuser permissions/root access. Enjoy !

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