How to Make Transparent/Blur Lockscreen on Android device

You might have tried different mods to change the appearance of the mobile. Like using different launchers or icon packs or using xposed modules. You might have already tested transparent statusbar module using xposed installer. And might be wishing to make lockscreen transparent too. Then we are here to fulfill your with the help of xposed lockscreen module.

We know that, unfortunately, not all the ROMs offer a function to use separate wallpaper for lockscreen. But since we can modify Android devices using some Mods developed by enthusiastic developers, we can add new functions to mobile. One of such module is developed by XDA member ctbear, offers not only to use separate wallpaper for lockscreen but also to make it transparent.

You will require xposed framework to flash this module. Before going into the details about procedure, first check out the features of this module.

  • Set lockscreen background with solid color
  • Set lockscreen background with custom image from gallery
  • Set lockscreen background as a semi-see-through “frosted glass” (SaberMod and PA)


  • Your device must be rooted.
  • Xposed framework must be installed on it.
  • It should be running on AOSP based Android 4.4 KitKat ROM


  • First of all download Xposde framework  and install it on your mobile if you are not having it. You may refer the this article for it.
  1. Xposed Framework for Android.
  • Now download transparent lockscreen module for mobile from official development page.
  1. XposedLockscreenWallpaper_1.6.2.apk

How to make Lockscreen transparent

  •  Install Xposed Lockscreen wallpaper app like normal .apk file.
  • After successful installation of file, open xposed installer and select modules option and tick in the Xposed lockscreen box.



  • Click on Xposed lockscreen wallpaper and select background style as see through.



  • Now adjust the blur amount as you wish and select tinted option as well.


  • After configuring the module, restart the phone to activate module.

That’s it! You have successfully made, mobile lockscreen transparent. If you want to make it normal, then go to modules and just untick thid module and restart to apply settings.

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