How to download NOVA 3 for PC

An epigrammatic sci-fi game, that will provide you an amazing combination of turn-based strategies at real-time. Nova 3 is a witty puzzle escapade, featuring a striking fusion of setting and gameplay elements. The simplicity in its design and the helpful tips will make it easy for you to get into the game. The game comes with a complete package of time manipulation or phase-shift to provide you highly engaging and entertaining gaming experience. You will face a real brain challenge that you will enjoy because of the neat graphics following the principle of art and various adventure packed puzzles. Indulge yourself into a unique blend of action and puzzle that certainly knows when to jab fun and keep you hooked.


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Gameplay of Nova 3

Gameplay is definitely a very crucial part of NOVA 3. The enticing commentary of Dr. Science will accompany you throughout your whole adventure. With such incredible graphics, this is undoubtedly an impressive technical build up. There are some special features like motion blur, heat distortion, dynamic lighting, etc. with a huge amount of mechanics giving you a ton of content. From ruins of San Francisco to alien aircraft, everything is commendable. When you are completely immersed in the gameplay, you will soon find the pace becomes lunatic and the range fits perfectly for the player.

Storyline of Nova 3

Kal Wardin, a former NOVA commander, crash lands on the city of old San Francisco and joins up with Sergeant Becker and his N.O.V.A. squad. Their aim is to fight their way back to the N.O.V.A base and transform Earth back into the habitable planet it once was. He heads to the sensor arrays and you head to the base. Kal finds out that the Judger’s artifact has been stolen by NOVA. He promises to save the Judger’s artifact.

Kal manages to reach the artifact, but Prometheus forbids him to get the artifact. Prometheus explains he will be returning the artifact to Judgers and that Kal has to retrieve two more artifacts. The adventure to collect the artifacts, travel in different galaxies and the effort to save human race is what this game about.


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How To Install Nova 3 on PC

To play Nova 3 on your PC you need to install the software emulator. I suggest you to use Bluestacks, because it is the most used Android emulator by the users around the world. It is pretty easy to download and use. So here’s what all you need to do to download Nova 3 for PC:

  • You can download Bluestacks from here!
  • Click on the installer file and follow instructions to begin installation.
  • Navigate to Bluestacks shortcut icon to open the application.
  • Now search for ‘Nova 3’using the search tool.
  • After you see the results of the official game, just click on Install and let the game completely install on your PC.
  • You just need to click on Nova 3 icon in the Bluestacks app player and start playing!

Nova 3 is a must play for those who like games with unusual and distinct concepts. I’m personally very impressed with its refreshing controls and the art. The multiplayer involvement is first-rate and not the one to miss. Don’t miss to get your hands on Nova 3, especially on your Windows system. Download it now!

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