How to Backup & Restore Android Apps (Rooted / Non-Rooted Devices)

Backup is a process that refers to copying or archiving of data preferably on SD card or PC so that it can be restored back after data loss occurs. Backing up data can thus prove worthy.

But it seems that most of the users don’t show much interest in backing up all their data and later on cry for loosing those emotionally charged content and valued Apps.

The most irritating situation occurs when you lose those apps and games containing all your saved data and that’s why you need to re-install them again.

The appropriate and timely backup of all your Apps in a secure place is essential. For that SD card is the most simplest and cost effective ways of taking backup of one’s data. Many of us understand the importance of backing up data, but don’t know where to start. Thankfully there are tons of apps available on Google Play Store for taking a backup but only a few of them are worth considerable.

Here in this article we’ll be guiding you in Backing up all your Android Apps properly for your Smartphone.


Backing up Apps

There always comes a situation when you need to factory reset your device, update software, or send it for warranty replacement. But doing so, there are always chances of loosing your installed apps. Imagine if you’ve reached a particular level in a game app, and if it gets deleted, then it would be the most frustrating moment for you. So it is always recommended to timely backup all your apps. There are various apps which are no longer available on Google Play Store, so backing up such apps will be helpful for you. If a new version of an app has been released which you’re not sure about, then you can backup the existing one before installing the new one. Here are few apps that will help you to make backup on your Rooted/Non-Rooted Android phones.

For Non-Rooted Android devices

File Expert App

File Expert app is the best app for backing up all your installed apps on Non-Rooted Android device. Download and install it from the given link. After launching the File Expert app you’ll see the main screen as shown below:


  • Just click on the App tab located on the top right side of the app. As soon as you click youll see all your installed apps on after another.
  • The last thing you need to do is just tick the boxes of the apps of which you want to make a backup APK file.
  • Click on the backup button located at the bottom left corner to start the process.
  • All the APK files of the apps you selected will be saved in the backup apps folder of SD card.
  • Along with apps you can access to gallery, music, e-books, documents, plug-in, zip files, apk files and favorites.
  • You can even access to your external SD card and internal storage on the start page.
  • Also acts as a file manager by supporting all the basic operations like copy, paste, cut, delete, create, rename, sort, send details and hide.
  • Has free cloud service with vast features.
  • Can mark your files with user defined tags.
  • Includes web PC suite with which you can access your phone from your PC browser.
  • Added new Holo based themes including light, black and mixed styles.
  • Has full featured Bluetooth capabilities including OBEX FTP, OPP.
  • Can create and decompress Zip archive, Rar files.
  • Many performance tweaks and improvements done.
  • Support 26 new added languages.

Basically besides backup, it has much more beyond your imagination.

 Download File Expert App

App Backup & Restore

This is another app which helps you in backing up in case your device crashes, or you flash a new ROM that you don’t like, or you mess something up with.

App Backup & Restore is an easy, simple and free app that can backup/restore all your apps to and from SD card.

Along with that it can even transfer all your apps to Dropbox. But for that it is must that dropbox is already installed in your phone. For sending the archived apps to dropbox, you just need to click on the Archived tab, then long press on the app that you want to send and click Dropbox.

The apk file of those copy protected apps cannot be directly transferred to SD card. On backup, their Play Store links will be saved for restoring them back.

There is a checkbox present at the left bottom which has the check all un-archived function. There are three states here.

  1. All grey means uncheck all.
  2. All green means check all.
  3. Green check mark and grey square means select all un-archived.

The main drawback of this app is that it cannot backup the data and settings of an App but can only backup the apk files. For restoring the apps back, you must enable the Unknown sources option under the application section in settings.

App Backup and Restore Screenshot

More of its features are given here.

  • Batch Backup
  • Batch Restore
  • Can quickly uninstall the apps that you don’t need.
  • Apps can be sorted according to name, date and size.
  • Included automatic scheduled backup.
  • Can show the storage usage.
  • Multi version backup.
  • Included search app from Play Store.
  • Can even send all apk files by Email.
  • It supports App2SD.

This app will surely enhance the experience like never before. Get it now and protect your Apps before it’s too late.

 Download App Backup & Restore

For Rooted Android devices:

Titanium Backup

If you’re an advanced user of Android phones, then you will definitely have a rooted device. If you’re rooted then Titanium Backup is the only app you’ll need for taking backups. Its hard to beat Titanium Backups extremely rich features. It is must that your device has root access for using this app. As soon as you install it, a popup message will be displayed asking you for root permissions, which of course you have to grant by clicking ok.


The main screen of this app has three tabs which are: An Overview page, a backup/restore page and schedule page. When you click on the middle tab i.e backup/restore, you’ll see a long list of every single application installed on your device including system apps and data. This is the biggest difference of this app. You’ll never find such feature in any other app. You just need to long press on the app and select backup option. Also if you want to take full backup of your apps, then batch button on the top right of the screen will help you. With titanium you can even freeze any app of your choice. It is the leading application that uses root access to pull all your apps from the system partition and stores them for future restoration. Some of its key features are given below.

  • Backup/Restore apps along with their settings, including system and protected apps.
  • Background batch backup and advanced batch restore.
  • Can transfer apps to and from SD card.
  • Can backup SMS,MMS along with apps.
  • Includes App Uninstaller with which you can get rid of those manufacturer installed bloatware.
  • Can synchronize the backup files to Dropbox and even can restore them back.
  • Can restore Play Store links, so the Play Store will continue updating restored apps.
  • Added new Overview of app storage use feature.
  • Updated translations.
  • Has the ability to keep several backups for each app.
  • Updated translations.

Simply try it out.

 Download Titanium Backup

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