Gupshup Messenger- Chatting App better than Whatsapp

Whatsapps userbase is growing day by day. The messages are delivered instantly and users can see when friends have read their messages. But besides that, it too has many drawbacks. You can send messages to only those having Whatsapp, but cant chat with the ones not having the app. Also it is free for just 1 year, after which it is chargeable.

To overcome this, the group messaging company Gupshup has launched a messaging app called Gupshup Messenger.

This app is free for lifetime and no charges are required to be paid. Also it is possible to chat with people not having this app installed. It uses more funky emoticons and stickers.

According to this company this app will prove to be the best chatting app as compared with the world famous chatting apps Whatsapp and Nimbuzz. Gupshup was already announced in November last year but it took a little bit of time to release it.

Today this app is only available on Android for free but in a few days or other it will be released on various mobile platforms which include iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Smartphones.

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  • Just after you install Gupshup; it prompts you to first sign up for the service to begin. You will need to enter your phone number for verification. After that the app suggests few featured communities or topics which you can subscribe and stay updated with them. According to the company website, Gupshup has over 5 million communities and over 65 million users across platforms.
  • The home screen of Gupshup Messenger has five different sections which are
  1. Activity
  2. Public
  3. Private
  4. Explore and More.
  • In the Activity section, you will get to know all the recent going activities within the app which includes private chats, group messages and the public updates shared by your friends. Here, you will also get the latest updates from the communities or topics that you have subscribed to.
  • Same like other messaging apps, you can view any message in a different screen to reply, forward any message to your friend and much more.
  • You can join any group that finds you appealing and view their messages. You can long press on any message for further actions like reply to message, forward the message to your friends and report message having abuse content
  • In the public section, you will find latest updates, posts and messages from the communities that you have subscribed to.
  • The private section, as its name suggest shows all the private conversations with your friends other than groups.
  • In the Explore section, you can browse for any group or search for any featured group with the help of keyboard based search box.

gupshup vs whatsapp

  • You can also post your messages to your respective groups through a persistent text box available at the bottom of the home screen. But you cannot post any messages to any other group that you are not subscribed to.
  • Gupshup messenger combines the public and private form of chatting on a single platform. User can not only chat with the one having this app but can send messages to even those who are not using Gupshup. This means that if the receiver does not have this app installed in his Smartphone, then also he can receive the messages.
  • You can invite your friends from the contacts and even edit your profile.
  • It is interesting to see that Gupshup has many elements from the micro blogging site Twitter within the app. The app has a pul to refresh feature which features the @replies nomenclature while replying to any message similar to the direct messages interface on Twitters mobile apps.

You must definitely try it out.

Download Gupshup Messenger

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