Google To Sell Android Phones Directly

For quite some time, Googles line of Nexus phones have been sold through different carriers such as HTC for the Nexus One, Samsung for the Nexus S, and an upcoming 7 inch tablet of high quality to be manufactured by Asus which is rumored to introduce the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. Googles aim with these line of phones manufactured in cooperation with selected companies is to give consumers a pure Android experience.

However, there are talks about Googles plan to sell the next line of Nexus phones directly through its website or retailers. Since these phones will be bought by consumers without contract from any mobile line provider and unlocked, consumers have to buy a SIM card by themselves to get a mobile phone line. The new phones will have Android 5 and will be offered in the United States, Asia and Europe.

During the year 2010, Google has already tried this scheme of selling their phones directly but unfortunately, it did not turn out well. Google sold Nexus One phones through their website at a price of $600 and a T-Mobile version at $200 with a 2-year contract. The phones received the latest updates from Google. The selling of Nexus One phones through the website became a failure because most people would prefer going to the store, test the phone, sign the 2 year contract and pay a lower price.

After this incident, Google never sold any phone directly to consumers again.

But not until a couple of weeks ago where Google has already been selling the Galaxy Nexus in the Play Store. This could indicate that it is once again, checking out the circumstances should they pursue their plan of selling their phones and tablets directly.

In the current set-up with Googles Android phones, Google creates the operating system and gives licenses to the manufacturers for their use of Google Play Store and apps like Gmail but phone manufacturers and wireless network providers are allowed to make a few modifications. This way, phone manufacturers can make the interface have an appearance or performance in accordance with their distinctive design. And when Google makes an update on Android, the phone manufacturers and wireless network providers must make these updates be applicable on their modifications.

One reason why Google may want to sell phones directly is probably because, Google wanted its own services such as Google Wallet and Google Play Music and Google wanted these to have a good presence in the next line of Android phones. However, Google cant possibly do this if phone manufacturers and wireless network carriers are interfering with the phones softwares. One way for

Google to have control with the software is to sell the phones directly.

However, this will be a risky move for Google since they will have to make the efforts in marketing the phones which was taken care of the phone manufacturers when they were involved in manufacturing in selling the Android phones. Google has to make sure that it has a good marketing strategy and it can get the support of retailers in order to make their new Android phones reach the market. Should this strategy fail, Google might end up going back to the phone manufacturers that it bypassed during its attempt to sell the phones directly.

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