Godzilla- Smash 3 Game is available for Android now

Godzilla movie from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures has just hit the theaters this May 2014. This movie is starring Aaron Taylor Johnson (Kick-Ass) and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as the main characters. It has gained mostly positive reviews out in the field, and has done itself a pretty sizeable Box Office opening, but this is not we’re interested in, we’re just interested in the game that they have launched for promotion. It is named as Godzilla-Smash 3. After watching the movie who doesn’t want to play Godzilla and stomp through Tokyo slapping helicopters out of the skies or smacking tanks with your tail?

The game is released by Rogue Play and developed by Pipeworks Software. The game sees players destroying the city as Godzilla, rather than protecting it from harm.

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Godzilla Smash3 is a level-based experience, with each stage asking players to tap and drag their finger across colored orbs to make matches of three or more. The more orbs connected in a single move, the more powerful Godzilla’s attack, with the color of the matching orbs also relating to the strength of the attack. In addition to basic attack orbs, the screen is also filled with healing orbs and atomic breadth orbs, among others. These atomic symbols can be activated in bulk for a massive attack on a single enemy.

If you are thinking this as an action packed game then you are absolutely wrong. The game is not about action but is a puzzle-based and when you complete a certain ‘puzzle-action’ it transfers to Godzilla as an action from his various attack skills including punching or stomping his enemies.

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You need to connect the same colors and then launch Godzilla’s attacks. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to go three in a row, straight and vertical but you can connect as much as you can and even diagonally.

Graphics is where the game gets the points; the graphics in this game is amazing and rivals some of the most graphic intensive mobile games out there like the recent The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

There will be no listening to dialogue or scenes i.e. it is not like the common story type game. The sound of Godzilla crushing his enemies is simply awesome.

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If you want to actually control the ultimate beast then this isn’t the game for you. Those people who love puzzle games will surely like it. For others, you’ll probably find yourself not enjoying the beast on your mobile.

The one thing I didn’t like about this game is the attack of the beast Godzilla which is quite weak. If you’re looking for the most fearsome beast like in folktale then this game isn’t like that. The Godzilla’s punch merely damage a plane or ship at about 25% health depending on your move. He could easily crush any man-made object in reality but hey it’s a game after all.

Godzilla becomes stronger as players complete levels, and gamers have the chance to assign that strength to three tiers: basic attack, health or special attack. Depending on the player’s choice, these boosts can make battles much easier to complete. Some of its basic features are listed below. Have a look at them.

Godzilla Android Game Screenshot-4


  • Devastating Visuals – See cities crumble and battalions burn in gorgeous 3D
  • Full Facebook Integration – Help your friends or challenge them for dominance
  • Brains plus Brawn – Smash in seconds, master over months
  • Massive Bosses – Battle the dangerous MUTOs from the movie
  • Upgradeable Powers – Make Godzilla stronger to suit your playstyle
  • Global Destruction – Pursue Godzilla’s foes across land, sea and air
  • Action meets Puzzle – A fusion of the classics
  • Constant Variety – Face new challenges and puzzle-types across 80 levels
  • Game-changing Boosts – Gain an edge and supercharge your abilities

By matching a string of symbols in the lower half of the screen you control Godzilla’s actions in the upper half of the screen. By matching certain symbols which include light, medium, and heavy attacks Godzilla stomps, smashes, swipes and swishes.

The best part is that if you match certain specific symbols you could build up enough energy and thus can unleash Godzilla’s Nuclear Breath to devastating effect.

Upgrade Godzilla to match your play style and call upon friends in times of need. Use powerful boosts to conquer new objectives and puzzles in each level, or build up energy to release Godzilla’s signature Atomic Breath.

Gamers have access to 80 levels and with Facebook integration you can even compare your scores with friends. Users can earn up to three stars on each level, and can replay stages in order to increase scores or earn missed stars.

The ‘King of the Monsters has returned in Godzilla’s mobile gaming debut! Just Go for it..!!

[appbox googleplay com.rogue.smash3]

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